Dealing with Time

For those that have had to stop working , I’m curious as to how some people accupy their time. I know it changes according to the season . But I’m also looking at the acceptance of realizing that one that is use to working that isn’t now. I personally struggle with it on and off. I may actually get into and finish a project , finish up a left over , or at times just can’t put together the umph that I need to " just do it" . Being that I’m Co-infected and also on Hep C tx I have a tendency to get obsessive compulsive at times. I’m use to the HIV, its been with me for 20 years , its this added thang that will possibly have me bouncing off the walls .My gosh last time I went crazy painting rooms molding, you name it. My hubby came home with the reaction " What the heck did you do !!! Good thing i was able to reverse the damage lol . But with this now…the night is still young !!!