Declared permanent and stationary

I was declared permanent by several doctors…with a 32% total disability. I’m freaking out because as of friday I have taken a $2000 a month pay cut. Are any of you guys suffering financially? Any advice?

I assume your RSD started b/c of an injury at work? If that is the case, than I would love to say that I’m surprise, but that is more the norm, at least from what I’ve run into. When I was injured, I was working 2 jobs, and the place I was injured at was my 2nd, and part-time, job. What I was “paid” by worker’s comp wasn’t close to what I was making at both jobs. When w/c pays you, they pay a % of your income for the first period. Then the % drops even lower after that. At first they look at your income you made like 6 weeks prior to your injury, but if you are out longer, then they look at you average income for the past year. If your case is infact worker’s comp, I hope you have an attorney. I made the mistake of trusting them, and thinking that they would be honest with me, and that I had no reason for an attorney. I thought that since there were witnesses when I fell, and since their worker’s comp rep. told me that she would make sure that she help me out in whatever I needed, so I wouldn’t have to waste my money on an attorney, why would she lie to me. I learned the hard way, and I suffered for it medically, and financially. I regret not getting an attorney right after she said that. Most w/c attorney don’t charge you unless they get you money, so they are driven to fight for you.
When I first got hurt, people I didn’t know said that I would get PAID since this was a w/c injury. That is one of the biggest mistakes people make, those people have clearly never been involved in a w/c claim. In a lot of cases, esp. those dealing with RSD, we have to fight for everything, our medicines, our treatment, you name it. If you are unable to work, go apply for Social Security NOW. It can take a long time to get approved, so it’s best to start early. It certainly won’t make up the amount you’ve lost, but every liitle bit helps. It is common to get denied the first time or two. Keep appealing!!! If it gets to a hearing stage, again, get an attorney. It makes it much easier, and less stressful for you. With W/C, attorneys get 1/3 (in most states) with SSI the attorneys get 1/4. That is a 1 time fee. They don’t get that amount from your monthly checks, just from your retro active check. BUT, when you meet with an attorney for the 1st time, make sure you understand what his fees are. If your injury is w/c, when you go to apply for SSI, you don’t have to put down only what is allowed by w/c. When I applied for SSI, I was able to put down that my RSD was global, even though w/c only recognize the left lower extremity. I also put down my depression even though we were still in court about that with w/c. If you have a lot of medical bills that aren’t being paid, you can go to apply for Medicaid. Each state is different, in some states you must have children, not in others. If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a message. I was injured in 1999, and like I said now have global RSD. I’ve been through a lot with worker’s comp, so if you ever just want to vent about what is going on, I’ll be glad to listen. I hope some of this helped. Good Luck!

My first injury was w/c in 1991. In 2004 it was not. It was my
present employer who said RSD was acknowledged by the ADA so they were
granted me a special LOA to have my SCS surgery. I was not eligible
under the FMLA yet.

I am going thru a divorce and my x to b wants me to work 40 hours as I
only work 30 and he does not want to pay support. My pain management
doc said 20 if any at all. I was just wondering where my employer
found RSD under the ADA because I have not been able to locate it.

By the way workers comp doesnt give you what you need. Been there
with the work one back in 1991.


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I did get paid my full wage for the 1 1/2 I was out on wc. But now that its settling my monthly income has dropped $2200 a month. I will apply for SSI it will help…and that advice is so much appreciated! I do have an attorney…its helped a bunch!
everyone on here has been totally awesome. If you read this…I LOVE YOU GUYS! oh…and may is RSD awareness month…PROMOTE!