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Hi, I am a mother of two boys with moderate to severe CCD. I come from a family of nine, 7 of whom have moderate to severe CCD. It took my parents 17 years to find us help, by then the emotional damage of the dental issues had been done. We found an orthodontist in Lima Ohio who is my hero. Unfortunately, I ahve moved to the Cleveland area and need an orthodontist or surgeon familiar to move us through the process with the dental issues and severe short stature. I need to know if anyone in Cleveland or surroundig areas has utilized Rainbow Babies and who we can trust. My insurance is through their competitor but we need assistance as the dentist we have now is not helping us and I can run my kids 5 hours one way every few weeks to the lima area. Thanks in advance for any help.

I live in Sidney OH and have CCD how funny that we lived so close. Both of my children have CCD too. Are your children on BCMH, this program helps all children up to the age of 21? Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps? This program is available to all who live in Ohio. They help after your insurance pays and in our case we had no dental so they paid for their braces and all dental visits. Call your local health department they can assist you.

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Im not sure about Cleveland, but my son will be moving to Lima to Attend
UNOH in May. He currently see’s Dr. Lude here in Columbus. If you could tell
us the name of the orthodontist in Lima that is familiar with CCD we would
be in your debt
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His name is Thomas Ahman. He is absolutely phenomenal. He has at least 23 years experience with this as he started seeing my older sister when she was 18. He has taken care of my siblings, and now 8 of my nieces and nephews. He has taken our cases to national conferences and will consult if he feels it is out of his league. Most importantly besides his knowledge, he is the kindest person. He is now in his 50s and I wish he would never retire. I think the name of his office is Orthodontic Associates. He specializes in dentofacial orthopedics. He used to be on West Market street but has since moved. He now is on East town road. his phone number is 419-229-8771. Just tell him Mary Temple Cooper referred you and I am sure he will be delighted to see you. He would anyway because he has such a doll of a personality!! Good luck.