DI and bone disease

Has anyone here with DI since birth and hasnt taken the medication the whole time had any problms with degenerative disc disease?can being dehydrated alot cause bones to be brittle or something?

Hi Aleenna,
thank you for the info i have alot of hormone problems my thyroid doesnt work at all i am taking meds for that i grow hair in places that i shouldnt.
i am just a mess lol now ontop of all this i was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease 6 months ago i must have been bad in a previous life huh.
well i always heard God doesnt give us more than we can handle but he is pushing my limits.Have a great day

Dear Friend. Dehydration due to CDI does not hv impact on bones but CDI is one of the disease lead by problem at the pituitary. Problem at pituitary can cause eliminations of some hormones or all hormones. In some cases, the pituitary stops producing hormones gradually, one hormone after another over the years.

I am Panhypopituitary which means the pituitary no longer produce all hormones.

My pituitary stopped producing ADH hormone years ago, that’s how I got DI. Then it stopped producing TSH which stimulates thyroid hormone levels, followed by ACTH which stimulates the adrenal, including the FSH which affects the production of egg. GH (Growth Hormone) is needed to maintain proper amount of body fat, muscle and bone. I’m taking medication to replace all those hormones except for GH. Each time when I visited the endo for appointment, they asked me to take the GH, but I just couldn’t afford because it is very expensive (few hundred dollars). Perhaps this info can help you. Take care.