DI and renal failure, Long term effects

Around here in Southeast Texas there is a Dialysis Clinic on every street corner almost. Just about everyone around here ends up having renal failure which is mostly due to DM and HTN, plus all the fried food around here. I do not have DM nor HTN and I watch what I eat. However my doctory is affraid that if I use my DDAVP to much (which I use 2 sprays every 12 hrs) that I will end up with renal failure when I get older. I do not want to be on Dialysis at all that is like a Death Sentence to me. However it’s seems like a catch 22 either suffer with the DI or have renal failure. I have looked up numerous of things online about it but haven’t been able to find much of anything about the two. Does anyone know about the long term effects on using DDAVP?

I too have been trying to find this out without any luck,my cousin who lives in dallas also had DI it runs in my family,
her doctor told her the same thing but i have looked and looked for somthing about this and i found nothing but i keep looking if i find somthing i will post it hope you do the same.

My doctor tells me there are no long term effects on using DDAVP. Renal failure is possible when you have diabetes mellitus, not with DI.

I can appreciate your concern, with so much evidence in front of your eyes of the consequence of kideny problems.

The overwhelming causes of DM and hypertension are too much food and too little exercise, which you’re clearly aware of.

You, personally, don’t have to be part of these statistics. Only problem is that given that so many people are overweight (and Australia, where I am, is a close second to the US, and catching up fast) someone who’s ‘just right’ can be made to feel that they’re overweight. It incenses me when an overweight neighbour of mine says ‘but you’re only two inches wide’ - when my BMI is smack in the middle of the desired range.

Given the problems I’ve seen some of those with NDI have long term with their kidneys, I reckon you’re better off being treated than being untreated.

There is NO evidence dDAVP causes kidney problems; next time your doctor tells you that ask him for the evidence. Having said that, I suspect there have been no long term tests, either, but that would apply to squillions of drugs.


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