Diabetes and thyroid trouble?

I have been noticing a pattern with Dercums, just curious as to how may of u have Insulin Dependent Diabetes, Diabetes type II , and thyroid trouble. It seems these are common denominators in this disease. Just curious.
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I have hypothyroid my endro. dr. said it was being effected by my antibodies. When I was expecting my last child Doc. thought I tested pos. for what we call sugar,DB. I took another test and it was negative.When I had my child she was 10 lbs,and they said it was definitely a diebetic pregnancy. Thats my only known experience.

I have diabetes 2 and Hashimoto’s thyroditis

Don’t have diabities as of yet, but do have hypothyroid disease, about six months ago found a nodul in my thyroid, (DD related? my guess would be yes). Its all related as I see it anyway its our uniqu systems. But I did have them remove it under my docs advice, she wants to do another ultrasound in the next few weeks to see if there have been any changes, growth or whatever they can see that might have changed, if so then we will have to discuss removal. Pray there are not changes. Don’t really want to go there.

Thyroid is very common and the good thing is that the medicine is very cheap! Not to worry…You just pop a pill…I have small growths on mine…they will re ultrasound in six months

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I am pre-diabetic hypoglycemic. I do know diabetes is very common in DD sufferers. It is one of the first tests Dr H requests.


I answered this a minute ago, but forgot to answer the thyroid question. I’m Hypothroid. This is also very common in DD sufferers.