Diabetes, fatigue, infertility linked to Celiac

I have not been tested but symptomatically fit the profile for Celiac disease. A gluten free diet is very difficult to stick with,but I believe my Type 2 diabetes is caused by it and worsened by wheat, so am trying to get back on the GF diet.

Fanci, Please feel free if you have any specific questions. I have been on the diet for three years, not so long, but long enough. It helps that I have a background in food. Ask any time.

Oh NO! I had no idea about the sorbitol. Toothpaste? Yikes. I don’t know if I can live without chewing gum.
Yesterday was so sad, in a way. It was my birthday, and even though I’m 38 I reall missed having chocolate cake and candles. My kids are disappointed, and keep asking when we are going to have cake!

Fanci, You are not as limited as you might think! I just made a wonderful German Chocolate Cake for a ROCK (Raising Our Celiac Kids) meeting. There were kids there that hadn’t had cake since their diagnosis. The cake I used was the Gluten Free Pantry’s. I made my own filling, byt the cake itself was from a box!! Please, ask away, I am here for you! By the way, most tooth pastes in the US are OK. If you are still worried, look for Tom’s of Maines.

You don’t have to feel deprieved eating gluten free! I found the best bread yet , brown rice or white rice bread made by Energy-X, just toastv a bit and it’s the next best thing for sandwiches and stuff. I take it with me to restaurants and eat my sandwiches or a hamburger on it, it’s reall very good. There is also a awesome brownie package mix made by Pamela’s Cupboard, you can find these things at Henry’s if you have a Henry’s , Whole Foods, Mother’s market or order online. Alot of the quick bread mixes online are pretty good too!!

Shopbydiet is a great on-line resource. They have tons of good stuff. I have read that most, if not all, of the toothpastes made in the US are gluten-free. If you want to be extra carefull, get Thom’s of Maine. There are plenty of vitamins and what-not out there, I can’t remember the names off-hand but I think Celiac.com is a good place to start your search. If you have a good health food store nearby, ask them for help. Chances are, they have something.

I feel horribly guilty because my 7 year old son has now become the family guinea pig. I have not been tested for celiac, but since he has similar symptoms I mentioned to his dr today. The doctor ordered labs to test for the celiac antibodies. If he doesn’t have celiac, I’m going to feel even worse. I should have been the one to be tested first.

hiya all, i hav found lots of interestin stuff reading threw did u mean that celiac cant hav certain toothpaste jst that am reali nt up to speed wot i can and cant have yet got diagnosed wiv celiac wen i was 19 and am 20 nowand does any1 know if we can hav any gum

Fanci- I wouldn’t feel so badly if I were you (easier said than done). The testing isn’t tough to go through. It doesn’t much matter if he has it or not, what matters is that you’ll KNOW.

I appreciate the encouragement. I’m still waiting for the lab results. I’ll let you know when they return.

I"m thinking about doing a cookbook for celiac disease. Any favorite recipes you’d like to share? I’ll give credit in the acknowledgements of course.

Danielle- Hey there. I have been GF for almost 4yrs now and I certainly don’t know everything. That was the first I’d heard about gum, but it makes some sense (given what I know about stamps and what-not). On the other hand, gum has never (that I can recall) set off my symptoms and I am VERY sensitive. But when it’s all said and done, symptoms or no, if something isn’t GF it WILL cause damage.

oh thanks for that fxstone, i wont b havin gum again

dnt hav any recipes reli but let me know wen u dun it cos that great

Fanci- I’ll do my best to get a few to you. I am a chef myself and am working to open a GF bakery/cafe. For a few other ideas, look up ROCK. The meeting I attended was a pot-luck and recipes had to be provided… they were then posted on the website. Good Luck.

Danielle- no problem. When in doubt, go without… sort of a good motto.