Hello, I’ve just been diagnosed with lupus and wondering how i can ease symptoms in the interim period before seeing the consultant


Rhins, who dxed you? You will need a rheumatologist that treats other SLE patients…and not just you. He/she will take lots of blood work and then go from there.

Each patient is different and it affects different parts of one’s body. The only thing I would recommend is to have asprin handy.


Thanks for your reply, it’s much appreciated. i’ve only seen my GP, general practitioner, so far. what’s the aspirin for then? rhi


Rhin, the aspirin is for the joint pains you may have.

But…if you are on any blood thinners, DO NOT take asprins.


Thanks for your reply, Mel. I’ve been reading your replies to other people too and it’s very helpful. At the moment, I dont have aches and pains, only tiredness and weakness. I had some time off work but will go back next week, which I’m very worried about, feeling the way I do. I need to find out what help financially I may be entitled to if work becomes too hard, but of course, as I live in the UK, it’s different over here. rhi



Besides weakness and feeling tired, what other symptoms do you have that they dx you with lupus? Did they do any blood work?


I’ve had two lots of bloods now and waiting to do more.