Did hpt this morning

this morning i thought luck was on my side but hpt came out neg. Af was due 2 days ago and i am having alot of pregnancy symptoms (swollen breasts, extreamly dizzy, can’t stand the smell of most things plus more). i feel exactly how i felt while i was carrying my twins yet i got a neg. i dont know what to do.

You know sometimes we want it so bad, that we can make our selves and our bodies belive it to. I hope that you are, and congtats if you are.

Also have you tried requesting a blood test. When I was pregnate with my daughter, we took a test every month for 3 months and all neg. Then my dr. did a blood test, and sure enough it was pos. And then I was about 3 months. Then I was forced to deliver at 28 weeks. And well that was hard.

But just relax, and good luck to you!! I will pray for you!!!