Diet and RA

I know the RA Foundation does not acknowlede the potential of diet implications or the “leaky gut” theory. But more and more, I have been reading up on it and it appears there can be a link between it and RA in some people. I tried the Paleo elimination diet for about a week. It’s extremely hard to follow for much longer than that because it’s so restrictive.

I just started a vegetarian diet this past week. I know that I flare up and my flares seem to be worse when I eat a lot of certain foods - wheat, diary, meat, tomatoes…Anyone else experimenting with your diet?

Wow, I ate a lot of tomato based products in the last week and I was in the ER yesterday… maybe a link? I love tomatoes but haven’t had them for a while and now this… my lung got pleurisy as a complication of my RA… I just hope all of my lung will not get infected now. Well I got to go back to bed for now but will try to talk with everyone some more tonight :slight_smile:

the only food that i have found affects me is salt, too much salt and i am asking for a major flare.