i was dating a guy who knew his status and did not
disclose i have done everything to try and have him prosecuted but the authority here dont care and will not
arrest him (he was arrested in05 for prostitution)what does that tell me i know he know now and i know he knew then
any input on this will be greatly appreciated…i live in alabama i dont know the state law for us here…

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What is more and more common is for courts and states laws to spread the responsibility to both parties. What this means is that if you commit to intimate relations with someone who is HIV+ without using a condom, then you are also held to account for half the responsibilty. This is also happening in other places in the world and is becoming more and more of the way things will be in the future.

I do wish women would take the seriousness of this disease to heart and not let anyone touch them without protection and an HIV test at least 90 days after they meet a man. Only then can you really be sure. Unfortunately, men are pigs and will lie to their mothers to get into bed with a woman, or in my case another man.

We have to take responsibility for our own bodies if we are ever going to get on top of this epidemic.

We now stand at 1,400,000 infections in the United States, and a full 500,000 of those do NOT know they are infected!


What adds to this delemia is that the biggest growing groups getting newly infected are teens and the seniors. Teens figure that they can just take the day after pill and all will be well. And many are just too immature to take responsibility for their actions and see certain forms of sexual behavior as " safe". When speaking to a group of teens once I asked how would they feel about telling a boy to wear a condom and they giggled and showed how embarrassing that would be. Then when I asked how are you going to be able to tell a young man that you are infected and they all just dropped their heads down and couldn’t look you in the eye. And the parents want to believe that " Not my child" They dont do such things so they dont need to know.
And the seniors, especially in Florida where there is alot of retires. it is spreading like wildfire due to the men going to the prostitutes and then the over population of available senior women. And they dont fear getting pregnate so they don’t use condoms. And the fear of telling anyone that they are infected is so great they’d rather just not talk about such things,
Fear is our biggest enemy . It creates ignorance . And that is enough to burn any life down to the ground.

And sadly I have a disclosure issue of another nature.I work in the medical field .In a profession where I must take whats called " universal pre-caution " . That means gloves, eyewear, face masks and even a lab coat. I must deal with people in a way that puts me at risk for catching every cough , sneeze . or anything else that they may carry. But I cannot reveal my health status to anyone for fear of the judgement that I would have to endure. Years ago , when this was still relatively new, a neighbor wouldn’t let me help her make meatballs for fear my touch would be infectious. Not too many years ago I over heard a woman at work tell someone " I don’t believe that you can’t catch it from toilet seats no matter what the medical experts say" . So this type of ignorance has me having to live a double life. I 've just recently heard someone say " Lokk at that person , looks like they got aids" And I wonder as I hear this " oh really, look at me you stupid idiot!" Sure we’ve come a long way my friends but fear and ignorance is like mold and mildew. No sooner do you think you got a handle on it all before you know you see it creeping around somewhere. And sadly I doubt its ever going to change because people use only 10% of their brain…

I am almost unilaterally against prosecution of this sort. Obviously, there are circumstances and situations where an assumption of trust (i.e. marriage) causes a legislated vulnerability.

But what scares me, at least in the USA, is that these laws are so arbitrarily written, and by people with no understanding about how HIV is spread. And they are almost impossible to prove until or unless there is a pattern of exposure. Moreover, all it takes is for an accuser to convince a prosecutor to file charges, however erroneous, and another person’s life is ruined.

until and unless the laws are uniformly written and until the stigma associated with HIV is factored into the prosecutorial process, I honestly fear that this phenomenon will only discourage people from getting tested. And therefore, put many more people at risk for HIV infection.

As someone who was infected because of similar deceit, I totally understand your rage and pain. I personally found it to be most liberating for my own sense of senf when I assumed responsibility for my infection. I took a chance, and though I thought I was taking all the right precautions, I was ultimately misled. Was the other party wrong? Absolutely. And the reminder that my personal health is ultimately my own responsibility could not have come with a higher price.

But it did.

And nothing I could have done would have granted me my HIV status back.

"And nothing I could have done would have granted me my HIV status back."

   I was also infected by a partner who hid his HIV+ status. I never thought of having him prosecuted. In fact we remain close freinds to this day.

However when it comes to those who are knowingly running the streets infecting others, there has to be some recourse to stop and even put these people away.  This is inexcusable.