Do you live with the condition RSD?

I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome.I was diagnosed with this in the fall of 2005.I have tried many forms of treatment…most of which did not help or made worse.I now have an implanted electrical stimulator(tens unit) which helped in the begining but is now not starting to work as well.I understand how it is to try and live a life with this condition.If anyone has any quetions or advice please ask me.

I live with nerve damage,It is the same as RSD,is the result of a bad surgery,I was with work,they left me living in pain,no job,no helth insurance,no income,and I’m qualify for SSD,where can I turn for help.

yes i live with rsd do to i ahve had it for almost 12 yrs and i got my stimulator i a bout a year after i got it and well it wasn’t my choice but everyone says is makes a diffrence but i ahve it in both legs and my hips are fused together so when i had my daughter which was a very hard thing to do and painful for my legs i had to have a c section but sometimes my legs hurt even with the machine so yeah if u wanna know more let me know ok thanx

I am not sure how I got to this site originally, but I signed up anyway. I was diagnosed with RSD 20 years ago after I had spinal fusion C3-4, fell backwards on a concrete floor post op five days later. Haven’t been without with pain since then. Saw numerous specials and ended up at U of M University Spine Clinic teaching how to live chronic pain. I have tried every med out there. I see a pain specialist every 28 days without fail. He’s not a quack. Believe there are plenty of “pain doctors” out there. I think most of them are using the drugs they dispense. So after a total knee replacement that currently has titanium screws popping up under my skin I decided I am done. The right knee has needed to be replaced for over a year. Thanks to COVID that’s not going to happen any time soon. I can’t live one more day with the threat of COVID 19 keeping me a prisoner in my own house. So I googled “How to kill yourself with Hydrocodone and Xanax”. And I ended up here. Lol! RSD NEVER ENDS. Any little injury, a dental proc dure or fall — and now you have nerve pain in that site.
So don’t hope for an end to your pain, not while your breathing anyway.

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