Doctor didn't believe me!

Hello! I just joined today and am surfing around, trying to get a feel for the website. It seems like a wonderful place. I am also a member of the alcoholic community too.
Anyway, onto my topic. I went to the doctor, in my younger years (14, maybe a tad earlier) and, I guess, was diagnosed with depression. I proceeded from there to see a psychologist and was placed on Zoloft at 50 mg a day. After a while I gave up on the medication, it wasn’t helping me any, and stopped taking it. I was off medication and not seeing a therapist for years and just have recently gone back to the doctor to discuss my “depression”. I put that in quotes because I have gone to the handy-dandy and looked up Bipolar Disorder and it seems I have all the symptoms, or close to all of them. When I went back, the doctor told me that I was depressed, but may have some signs of being bipolar. She placed me on Wellbutrin 150 mg twice a day. It seems to be helping some but not enough for me to properly function in life. My questions to anyone who reads this are: what do you suggest? what medications have worked for you? how do i prove to them that I am bipolar and need to be treated for it? is lithium the way to go? and any other advice or information you would like to tell me. Thank you!! ~Angel

Did you take the list of symptoms to the doctor and show the doctor which ones applied to you? If you haven’t , try that at your next appointment. I have bp and wellbutrin flipped me into hypomania. My dr is very good at listening to what i have found on the internet. Good luck. nand

I too am BP, & have “flipped out on Wellbutrin!” I think a mood stabilizer is good when taking some of the anti-depressants because that keeps you from getting hypo-manic. I’ve been taking Neurontin twice a day & Cymbalta in the a.m. At first I felt wired, but after about 3 weeks, it’s starting to seem a bit more level & I’m coming out of that deep funk called depression! Nonetheless, I would still like to switch meds & will be speaking with my doc. Lithium just didn’t work for me, although it’s sometimes the no. 1 choice. I’m thinking of switching Neurontin to Lamictal & Cymbalta to Adderall. Any comments are welcome.

I have been taking wellbutrin for over a year and had to up to 450mg am from 300mg was on tegrotol 600mg pm now 400mg 15 mg abilify would like to try cymbalta does it help with pain? any advice thanks

Thanks for all of your replies. I have not yet gone to the doctor because life has been a little choatic and my mom just re-ordered my prescription for wellbutrin, which is another 60 day supply I believe. What if the doctor completely changes my prescription? That’s money that we are out. So I guess I am going to wait for a while, but thanks to you all, I will be more prepared and well armed :stuck_out_tongue: