Doctor recommendations for Pancreatitis?


My current Dr is unsatisfactory. I have chronic pancreatitis, gastroparesis and a pancreatic cyst currently non cancerous which my Doc just wants to watch.

Where do I start finding the right kind of help I need?


I can’t answer your question about Drs. but I did want to let you know you know you are not alone. I also have CP, Mild Gastroparesis and a Pancreatic cyst. My Dr. is also doing a “watch and wait” approach with my cyst. Last one I had kept growing, and I ended up having surgery. Hopefully. this one ( and yours) will resolve on its own.
Yours in Misery

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Interestingly, I also have gastroparesis, slow esophageal motility with spasms and irritable bowel to say nothing of reflux and heartburn – a totally messed up GI system! My PCP is treating them all for the symptoms as that is all that he can do. I wish I could help with doctors but I have had some frustrating situations here in Pittsburgh as well. Try the National Pacreatic Foundation web site. They have a list of doctors in various states. It would be a place to start.


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i am sorry to hear but not surprised so many ppl with chronic disorders do not i repeat do not receive adequate medical care. 1st i think if you post here the state in which you live many will answer your plight and will be able to steer you in the direction you need. as i always have said just because some1 is a doctor does not guarantee them as a good 1. many things are in question as the big one for me is where did they place on graduation did they pass by the skin of their teeth ,did they need to retake the exiting exam more then twice hmmm we will never know but what we can do to better assist ourselves is ask questions and word of mouth is by far a better way in choosing ones doctor then just picking one off a list that is provided by insurance carriers or phone books. i am sure if you state where you live you will receive many responses. good luck to you and i hope you find some1 that gives you the care and respect that you deserve as a person seeking medical care. hope all have a better day then yesterday.