I am a disabled veteran and have recently been diagnosed with RSD. It seems as though no Doctors in KY really know what RSD is. I have looked everywhere and now have to travel to Boston just to get a doctor to help me. Is there someone closer I can go to?? I just want to talk to someone that understands what I am going through.

Hello Crystal!

My name is Marla, and I’m a transplant from Northern California to
Southern California.

My question to you is the following:

Have you contacted the University of Kentucky?

I know that all Universities, i.e., Univ of San Francisco, Univ of
Davis, Univ of California, etc., all have great medical depts and great
research depts.

Just to let you know, I looked up the University of Kentucky and found
the following info:

  1. I know your concern is the RSD, but do call the Univ. of Kentucky
    Cardiovascular Research Dept., and they may know who to forward you on
    to. Their phone number is : (859) 323-4933 extension 81390. Their fax
    number is (859) 257-3646.
    I was always told it does not hurt to ask. Again, maybe this dept can
    refer you to the right dept., or a specialist in RSD.

  2. The University of Kentucky also has a healthcare connection call
    advisor call line. Their phone number is: (859) 257-1000 or toll free
    at 1-800-333-8874.

Crystal, I do not know how far you are from Lexington, but I hope the
University can help you out. As I said, all State Universities have
great medical and research departments.

Good Luck,


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