Does anyone experience dry mouth when using their CPAP machine?

Is it dry mouth a common ailment when using the CPAP machine?

Yes…that why a lot of us use humidfiers with our machines.

I also use a full face mask with a humidifier attachment.

Hi @peedie

I use the full face mask and the humidifier and oxygen. First started out with only the cpap and because of dry mouth we added the humidifier. Still dry mouth. Added oxygen (not because of dry mouth syndrome) and still have dry mouth. I learned about a chin strap that was available and decided to make my own using an ace bandage. Then I found something better - only one in the sale bin at Big Lots. I don’t think it is really supposed to be a chin strap but it works better and easier than my homemade one. It helps keep my mouth closed and does pretty good at causing less dry mouth.

But it began to be too much covering my face and head and now I’m not using it. Maybe if I’b break down and buy a real chin strap, I might like it better.

Check our this site:

Then click on chin straps. A little searching, and you can find one for as little as $10.00, but the $25.00 one is probably a better one.

Hope this helps.


A friend put a warmer on his humidifier, and has no dry throat now

I use a cpad. i have a humidifier machine and warm up my water before i go to bed . it helps