Does anyone take their cpap mask off while sleeping?

Sometimes, I take mask off at night while sleeping. Does anyone else experience this?

I don’t have a problem with taking the mask of sometimes at night, I have a problem taking the mask off USUALLY every night. One morning I woke up and it was out of the room and in the hallway. Strong throwing arm.
You are not alone, Lisa

I have been on a BiPAP since Fall of 2004. I still do this occasionally. It may sound awful but if I don't wear it for a night, after taking it off for several nights, I can sleep a full night with it on.

Also, my machine was originally set to turn off after not being used for 10 seconds. I had that readjusted so it keeps blowing until I either turn off the machine or put the mask back on. The technichian where I take my machine said that my machine also has a setting so it beeps when its not used for the 10 seconds.

I hope that helps.

I’m slowly but surely adapting better to my cpap. Ocassionally I remove it in the middle of the night and wake up without it.

Once I found the right mask for me I never needed to take it off anymore.  Maybe you don't have the best mask for you.

Unfortunately, mask fitting is not an exact science - the only thing that worked for me was trial-and-error.  Now I wear the Everest Aura/Twilight and I LOVE IT.  No guarantee it will work for you, but it has my stamp of approval.

Good luck.

It also took me a few mask’s to find one that I could handle all night.  Trial and error…  The mask I have now is not perfect but it works for me. I still keep an eye open for one that might be better, new products are coming out all the time…

when my mask start to make noise or the air comes out by my eyes I take it off then after going to the bathroom I don’t put it back on. Soi between 3 to 6 I sleep with out it sometimes

Hi everyone,
I never take my mask off at night unless I have to make a bathroom trip.However during my final sleep study, which was my first experience ever with a mask on, my first reaction to the tech coming into my room was to grab for the mask andtry to remove it…LOLHe had to keeep telling me"leave it on Sharon."LOL…Guess I did not like the full face one and wanted it GONE!LOL…The one I use with my Bipap/Oxygen is a small Opti-life(nasal pillows)with heated humidifier.It’s wonderful except when it leaks.Then I have to readjust and go back to sleep…
Sharon :slight_smile:

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Thank you.

Kathy Borthwick

I also have a problem with taking my mask off in my sleep. it has gotten better with a full face mask because my allergies would cause me to block up and then open my mouth.

I feel like a Blue Angel fighter pilot every night when i have to strap on my cpap machine. I traded my nose (triangular) mask in for the type with the nasal pillows. It’s the same tube and head strap, but instead of that clunky piece it only has a silicone like tube with two little straw like pieces that rest against and slightly in your nostrils. There is a chin strap you can get if your mouth tends to fall open when sleeping with a cpap on. If i don’t wear mine for a few nights i can tell, i get really tired and my heart hurts a lot. Without it, eventually my heart and brain would get damaged. I quit breating 52 times on my 6 hour sleep study and 110 times i started to quit but didn’t completely. So as much as i hate wearing that ugly thing to bed it has helped me not feel so exhausted in the daytime and it has helped my Fibromyalgia (Muscle and connective tissue disorder). Because without breathing in my sleep i wasn’t getting enough oxygen to my heart lungs and brain. Therefore, the muscles weren’t getting enough either. Anyway, long story short…try the Resmed nasal pillow type mask. My mom also has a cpap and her old style mask left an indent and scar permanently on her nose bridge. And if you didn’t get a good seal then the air would seep out and my eye would hurt because it would blow into my closed eye. Also, if i didn’t wash the mask good and keep the oils off of it and my face i wouldn’t get a good seal. So it is important to have a clean dry face and the mask without any oily residue or lotion. And mine has a delay start that you turn it on and it gradually builds up to the level your’s is set to. Gets a better suction that way too. Good Luck!

Thank you for responding. I appreciate your email and will try the nasal pillow.

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