Dr. It hurts if I press on my bumps


Well, my “bump” er crop (excuse the pun, was intended" is still growing !!! I find more and more every day, I am glad no one is watching me as I run my hands up and down my torso, legs and arms, and breasts. Do any of you find yourself obsessed with finding them, and constantly pressing on them? Maybe its because all of this is new to me…

Just a light thought for the day :slight_smile: Smile…


I do that too…I look for new ones and somehow it still suprizes me…I can see quite a few of them without even having to press on them.Two are going to be especially bad when I go back to the Dr…Both are right in the crook of my elbow…Haha


Don’t feel all alone there in that one. I’m constantly feeling them and looking for more. The ones that drive me nuts though is where I know there’s pain and has to be one there, but yet I feel for it and feel for the lump and not there. Yet I can see other lumps.

Have a Smiley Day…Love, Pam