Dr Phil spreads misinformation about Lupus


Read the LFA’s response to Dr. Phil and to send your comments to Dr. Phil (you’ll have to copy and past the link b/c careplace screws up the code):


Click here to read the Lupus Alliance of America’s comments on Dr. Phil.


Thank you, Sunderance for the article.

Because lupus affects every part of one’s body, it is really never said, “this person died from lupus”… only that this person died from pneumonia, heart disease, etc. all which is part of lupus.

If any of you ever watched last season’s HOUSE, did you notice that EVERY person that came in was first dx with Lupus? I hated that and actually made me upset. Even if a patient came in doing cartwheels their first remark was also Lupus. One time a doc came in and said, “But lupus wouldn’t make one’s hair fall out.” WRONG!

Thankfully, this season, they just say “autoimmune disease”


Right, it’s usually said ‘died from complications of Lupus’.

I did notice that on House. It’s ironic because, in my case and most of the others in my local support group, it actually took quite a while for them to be diagnosed.


I heard Dr. Phil when he said all that and I was so upset.
I now have a hard time believing him. He’s suppose to have a staff to make sur ethose mistakes dont happen…sucky research!!! It hurts us all since he reaches so many


Hi Y'all,

I'm so glad to read these posts and see all your opinions here. I couldn't agree with you more! You know, "Dr. Phil" is NOT a medical doctor in the first place although from Oprah's and his own promotion, we'd never know it. I was so griped when this first came up that I wrote my take here: http://lupusnewslog.blogspot.com/2007/03/lfa-responds-to-dr-phils-comments-about.html Dr. "Shill" is making a whole lotta money by making people feel bad about themselves. Shame on him for playing the blame game on folks who don't have their own shows and can't fight back in his way, on his turf.

Anyone who would bully women the way he did from the very beginning, using that microphone like a baseball bat - until he gradually learned to tone it down just a tad - is no expert, not much of a psychologist and has no advice I'd respect. When he was calling women "fat", Dr. Hypocrite was obviously digging pretty deep into the plate himself. He knows no more about lupus than he does about the reasons for weight gain and swelling. Or ego control.

It makes me feel good to be among such observant and self-respecting people here - I'm sure glad I came to CarePlace!

Digging it Smart and Sassy,



Shar, thank you for sharing the link to Dr. Phil.  I have written to him asking they redo the program and have an expert in the field of Rheumatology to discuss this subject to inform the general public of the ramifications of SLE.

I think his head is getting too big!



Good for you! I think that letter is an excellent idea and maybe if more of us do it too, it'll do us all some good.

Obviously, you have good batteries in your thinking cap - mine always flashes on and off!

In and Out,