My son who is 13 is VERY interested in driving, and talks often of getting his license. He knows it is something you do when you are 16! We usually gently remind him that the test is VERY hard, and lots of people try to get one, but they don’t…Anyone have a better answer???

Hi There!

Sometimes our 12 yo daughter will talk on and on about how when she grows up she’ll ‘drink coffee and go to work and have a baby’… I cringe a little, but let her talk because everything she is thinking is normal and she’s just emulating what she sees me doing day to day, but I know some things she won’t be able to do. I don’t stop her or correct her at this age, I just view it as that he is motivated. I know that she definitely WILL have some kind of job, because that’s the kind of person she is. She loves to have a ‘job’ to do and loves people and being in social situations. So, I know some kind of vocational skill school/supervised job is in her future.

It’s the ‘boy crazy’ kind of stuff that worries my husband and me. Everything she thinks would be totally normal for any other 12 yo, but she lacks impulse control. When she sees a boy that she has a crush on she becomes very loud and animated and a bit obsessive-fixating on that one boy-unable to take her eyes off him!! (Were we any different!) Her challenge is that she is not discreet/appropriate about her feelings, although she is still very innocent. Plus, she looks about 15, not 12!!!

Our daughter still doesn’t ride a bike, but maybe that will change, too! So, we haven’t discussed driving yet, either, but I think you can cross that bridge when you come to it… Hopefully it won’t be an issue, with busing and other transportation available for adults with special needs. I think our daughter is used to being bussed places, so she hasn’t mentioned when she can drive yet.