Due to AA

well, because i have quit drinking, and attempted to do my best… i have now reaped a great reward… even though i wont be able to re-enlist… i can stay in for the time that i promised to do… and to think a little over a year ago i was about to get kicked out for being an alcoholic, i saved myself from that, but because of AA, even though i am medically fucked…and my newfound responsibility… the Navy will keep me for the time i promised to do… miracles happen

James, That’s geat news. The big man alwase takes care of those that take care of themselves!
Relieved that your back safe! I worry about my freinds and your one that has been a huge help to me and i am very greatful to have met you. Thanks man!


Wow jimmy. I am not really sure what to say. But i am happy for you. YEAH…smiles for you.it’s always good to hear good news from a friend. xoxox