Eating habits

Iam new to this site.I have placed my story as well.My son has poor eating habits.He loves carbs.I was wondering if anyone has the same problem.He loves fries,pizza .I just started him eating fruit and veggies.So getting there you could say.Any advise would be gratfull.Someone told me to try Organic Foods?Thank you

My son has always loved his food and tends not to know when to stop. He is 17 now and is starting to put a little too much weight on. He was like this in early teens too but upward growth stretched him out :slight_smile:

He does enjoy his veggies and loves salad thankfully. He will only eat a handful of types of fruit.

I have been encouraging him to eat less carbs by buying lots of salad for him to which he adds some raw vegies.

I also buy mixed diced vegetables (fresh frozen and even canned) so that he can add water and a stock cube have a low calorie soups in replacement for the canned soup he enjoys.

I think I am fighting a losing battle trying to stop him grazing all the time but hopefully providing low carb, low fat snack alternatives will help.

He has been co-operating well with his new eating ‘rules’ - it seems to be eating that is important to him rather than what he eats! He enjoys cooking so buying healthy foods that require some simple preparation on his part is an incentive. I think getting him involved with the decision process and the shopping has helped too. A treat of pizza or fries now and again is still part of his diet.