Eating obsession

Hi All

4mths ago my son (3 1/2) had a very large tumour removed which has damaged his hypothalamus and pituitary gland, hence he now has DI. I think we have finally got the DDAVP dose correct.

Does anyone have any ideas on the effects or what works for them on DI when there is no full button, he doesnt seem to have a thirst but continually wants to eat and eat and eat. this is very hard as a parent. he has breakfast 10 mins later he is hungry again this goes on throughout the day.


I also had acquired DI due to damage to the pituatary gland. I have had it for approx 25 yrs. I have noticed either I’m starving or not hungry but have not experienced hunger all the time. From what other people say my eating patterns are bizzare and not normal but I have nothing really to compare to. Could it be a growth spurt with your son do you think?

Well, for me I was always drinking water. So thirsty all the time. And I didn’t eat that much, I didn’t have time to eat I was always too thirsty. And then I"d be full from drinking. And now that I don’t drink as much. I eat A LOT. I"m hungry a lot. But after a while, I’ve put myself not on a diet, but a regular eating schedule and I’m doing better. It’s rough at first. He’ll get use to it. Keep hanging in there! I ho[e things turn out.

BUT if you’re still having problems. There could be something else wrong. Don’t ever let a doctor tell you he’s alright, when there is clearly a problem. Never ever. They’re seriously wrong about 99.8 % of the time. I swear. So just watch it and hopefully things turn out all right, but if not. Look for further answers!