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Life is about health, family and friends, but sometimes its hard to keep focus on what is most important

I have eczema.

I have a 19 year old daughter with eczema. It can be so annoying at times! I’m joining because I’d like to learn any tips about coping with eczema that others may share.

I’ve a daughter who has eczema, asthma and allergies.

The doctor has called it a “triad” of symptoms. Her eczema symptoms are better in the winter and get worse in the summer, I think it is the sweating that aggravates her condition in addition to chlorine from pools. Right now she is off steroid medications and we manage with quick baths, cetaphil soap, lots of cetaphil moisturizer, scent free laundry detergent for every washable item. I try to stick with natural fabrics with no itchy trim or tags. I wash her hair separately from her bath. I try to minimize hair products, we dont use any perfumes, no dryer sheets and no wool products.

We adopted a dog from the local shelter, what am I crazy. But it’s worked out well, she is so happy and it is helping her deal with all of her conditions and the loss of her father who died of cancer. I have not noticed any exacerbation of her symptoms with this dog around, hard to believe.

Anyway, I wish I found you guys alot sooner.

I want to connect with any parents who have experience of any long term effects of steroid medication. My daughter has had a tic for a few years now. It started with eye blinking and then it was picking at her underwear. I know it sounds weird. She still blinks and now does this eye rolling thing that initially freaked me out. The doctor thinks it is a transient tic, that lots of kids get them and they go away.

I have since found out that 5 of my older siblings had tics as children. Despite this information I have long suspected that the medication my girl was on at such a young age and for so long is to blame for this. Whatever the reason, I am feeling quite alone and could use a bit of support. I know there are other parents who are also exhausted by everything you to do to keep your kids with eczema comfortable and symptom free as possible.

41 female, have skin proublems, would like to know how others treat there proublems and live with them.

eczema suffer 39 years

I have suffered with eczema, and I also have two daughters that have eczema.

Atopic Eczema sufferer since birth. Tried most things but to no real avail. Looking for other like minded people to share ideas and inspirations.

to check on with the Eczema community and get a cure for my Eczema.

I am a lifelong eczema sufferer with a little bit of rosacea thrown in for good measure!


Martin, an Aussie now living in Switzerland. Suddenly got eczema while in Pakistan about 15 years ago. Got on the cortisone/quickfix treadmill for years and then decided enough was enough.

Still battling with the eczema but not as bad as many on these lists seem to have it.

I have three young children with eczema of varying intensities.

I’ve had Eczema since i was almost 7, I’m going on 21 now, and I’ve tried just about everything (including holistic things)

Hi there,
I am 20 yrs old, Malaysian, suffering chronic eczema.

My itch cycle before is 2 months, now is about 5 months. I’m a university student, which means, every final exam, evry semester, i got the itchiness the most. Sometimes they crack and bleed when they are too dry, the one that never heal at all is on my thumb.

It really make me hard to write n texting by mobile phone, i hv to search the one wif soft key pad,or else my skinflake will stuck in between keypad… i hv heard sum of doctor i met tell me that it is cause by wat u touch, but sum say wat u eat…i believe sum of u hv a lot of inspirational story to share…nice to be here…


I have had severe eczema (atopic dermatitis) for over 48 years. I would like to share ideas and suggestions with others who have this disease.

I itch, and therefore I am here! I want to lend info/experience where I can and ask some questions along the way

I’ve had eczema for more than 25 years and am interested in what treatments have been successful for others.

I am a man of 32 yrs. I would like to be connected with somebody that can help me treat this eczema that comes and goes.

Thanks for your help

I am interested in this condition because i suffer from Hives. I would like to connect with men and women that have Eczema and Hives