Elevated LFT's - How bad are they?

Let me try this again. Hello all! I just found out that my LFT’s are elevated, but how bad are they really? My ALT is 96 (normal is 17-63), AST is 153 (normal is 15-41) and my LDH is 313 (normal is 99-192)…yes I was fasting. I also have Hoshimoto’s thyroiditis which is currently under control and to top it all off my Cholesterol is 249, which they can’t treat yet due to my LFT’s. I am getting the feeling that my Dr. osn’t being agressive enough in finding out what is wrong with me. How bad is this compared to your own levels and how agressive should I be in getting answers? Thanks for all your help. Hope to hear from you all soon.

When I was diagnosed, my LFT’s were in the 6000’s - my docs office thought the lab screwed up the lab results.
They really weren’t right.
But once they were normalized by meds, the flares that I suffered were in the 200 ranges - and that’s when I would jaundice. That’s bad! and that’s when the prednisone would have to be started to control the flare.

Are you on any cholesterol medication? Sometimes meds for cholesterol can increase the liver enzymes. Once the medication is stopped, the enzymes will return to normal without any damage.
The hashimoto’s usually doesn’t have any effect on the liver - but the fact that you do have one autoimmune disease can put you at risk for another autoimmune disease.

With your elevated cholesterol levels and your elevated liver enzymes I would definately consider seeing a GI with a history of treating liver disease to pursue this further. or press your doc for further information.
Cholesterol can have an effect on the liver, so it’s not serious, but nothing to ignore.