Elevated liver enzymes and alkaline phosphotase

Has anyone else dealt with elevated liver enzymes and alkaline phosphotase? I just had the Whipple procedure done in late Nov. and am not having any major pain episodes as a result. But my bloodwork is not normal. My internist says she believes one of my ducts is blocked but my surgeon at Mayo wants repeated bloodwork.

One more question to Mrs. Barb…what is ITP? Thanks. Betsy

Hi sprout, I have had elevated liver enzymes as well, but I have never had a whipple procedure done either? I know sometimes when people drink even one drink this can happen? don’t know if your a drinker or not, but I am recovering now for 4 years, but have a lot of damage from that. I would do another blood work as directed and see if they have changed…This might sound crazy but sometimes this just happens, hopefully the next blood work will show differently :slight_smile: I suffer from ITP and every now and then all my blood work it bad, don’t get it…anyway good luck to you and hope you stay pain free!!!

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Mrs Barb/aka Barb :slight_smile:

I had a Whipple 4 years ago for pancreatic cancer, now as a result of scar tissue in my pancreatic duct I have developed CP. Often I have elivated liver levels (ALT, AST & Bili) after a CP flare up, my levels are almost always alittle bit off. My doctors keep telling me not to worry about the levels, thay are almost to be expected from someone who has been through so much . . . but I’m always currious.

I have also had multiple EUS’s and ERCP’s at the Mayo in MN and have been very impressed with the DR’s. They are one of only 3 places I’ve heard of in the US that have a good track record for successful ERCP’s and stent placements after a Whipple.

Interesting that you should mention ERCP’s after a Whipple. My local dr. thinks I may need an ERCP eventually with the alkaline phosphatase increasing and she wants me to go back to Mayo since the Whipple has moved things around. I am glad to hear that Mayo’s is still a good location for me.

Mrs. Barb, thanks for your response. My surgeon told me I could drink every once in a while after the Whipple but I don’t miss it and don’t want to cause any problems. I never drank much but after nearly 8 years of abstaining I don’t miss it.


My last blood test showed my alkaline phosphate is elevated, but the liver enzymes normal. I have never had a whipple.

I did some research on the net and found that alkaline phosphate elevations can be caused when the bile duct has had procedures done to it. It can also be a sign of a blockage.

I had many procedures last year so am assuming that is the reason.


Hello mb.little,

I hope you’re doing well! I was wondering if you could provide an update on your situation regarding the elevated liver enzymes and alk phos? Did you end up having a blockage that was cleared up by the EUS?