Elevated Liver Enzymes

Just have been taken off of Methotrexate due to elevated liver enzymes. Thinking it could also have something to do with taking Etodolac (anti-inflammatory) and occasional Hydrocodone5/acetaminophen. I have been off meds for close to 4 wks and no change in bloodwork, that is why I am thinking it could be the other. They want to check blood in another 2 weeks.
Has anyone out there had this problem. If so, is there any other pain med or anti-inflammatory that will not damage the liver. I have been on this etodolac for a number of years and the pain med for about 2 years. I do not take the pain med everyday, just when I flare up and really hurt bad.
It does help to take the edge off.
Bekki P

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Hi Bekki…the rheumy took me off of MTX also for elevated liver enzymes=
It took the enzymes months and months to get back to a normal range so gi=
it some time. I know that the mtx is known to do that. Hang in there…
Paula =0D
PS I take darvocet for pain and have not had any problem with it. I hav=
taken the darvocet for many many years. =0D
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Thanks Paula,
This is the third time they have taken me off, once it was for about 12
weeks, then of course it takes 8 more weeks before you get any relief once
you get back on. Darvocet is also a Tylenol isn’t it. Anyway, I do not
have a choice have to be patient. I know there are folks out there a darn
site worse off then me. Thanks for writing.

Bekki P

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Thank you arpie,
I found out about plaquinil early on and never took it. I have corneal
dystrophy and so they left me alone on that one. It could well be that the
liver numbers may not drop, but I think the other two meds might be
contributing to the problem. At least it is worth a gamble to talk to the
Dr. and see if there is something elso for pain and also anti-inflammatory
that won’t harm liver function. My search today revealed that the combo of
the two I am on is not good.

Thanks again, I wish your wife the very very best for me.

Bekki P

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I’ve had elevated liver enzymes throughout my adult life even before RA. They were never high enough to warrant any further attention. On my first visist to my current rheumy he sent me for a range of tests. There was one that came back positive that I never heard of before. It was for Hereditary Hemochromatosis. That would explain the elevated liver enzymes. It has also kept me from taking many of the RA drugs available too. Currently I’m on sulaphalazine (sp?) and enbrel without any problems. Maybe you might want to have yourself tested for this?

Never heard of Hereditary Hemochromatosis, from what I found it means you
have to much iron in your system, kind of a brief explaination and lots more
then what I put down. They have checked me for so many things I will have
to ask about this one. I just keep thinking it could be a combo of the meds
I am taking that are keeping the liver elevated. I will talk to the Dr.
this coming week and see what she thinks.

Thanks for your response,

bekki P

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I have had elevated liver enzymes ince shortly after I began methotrexate. They would always be elevated, not wanting to take me off of the methotrexate, due to the severity of my RA, I have to have a liver biopsy once a year. So far they have all come back as fatty liver. Although I am not overweight, that is what the biopsies show. I have had many canversations with my rheumy about it, and he says as long as the biopsy keep showing fatty liver, I can continue to take the methotrexate.

I have had the same problem but my doctor took me off methotrexate. I had a
liver biopsy that also showed fatty liver. My doctor attributes this to
prednisone and methotrexate. Treatment seems to vary by doctor.
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Hi All,
Bekki here, I have been back on the methotrexate for about 12 weeks now. Saw my Doc at 10 weeks and was not doing very well, so she gave me a cortisone shot to kick that methotrexate and get it going. The flare is under control and life is good once again.
I think that the other meds, i.e. hydrocordone and etodolac combo were big contributors to the high enzyme levels. As soon as I got off within two weeks when checked my numbers had dropped very low again.
The doc moved me to oxycodone with no tylenol and reduced the etodolac (anti-inflammatory) so far, so good.
Next appt is Oct 26th, so we will see how it is going at that time.
I have been a VA patient and will be leaving VA due to turning 65 and going on medicare, so will be changing doctors. Hate that, but my VA doctor recommended the new one very highly.
Think I will be in good hands. God is taking very good care of me.
I pray for all of you.

Becky in Arizona

Methotrexate can cause liver problems and the liver function tests may never
return to normal;My wife has been off it for almost 2 years and although it
hasn’t gotten worse it hasn[t gotten much better either. Another thing to
watch VERY closely is plaquinil it can and does cause permanent blind spots in
the retinae so INSIST on field of vision studies every year if you are on that.

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