Elmiron and Hair Loss?

How soon after u begin takin the Elmiron do u start to lose u hair?

I’m pretty sure that everyone reacts a little differently to Elmiron. Urologists tend to say that hair loss is a pretty rare side effect, but it certainly seems more common. How long have you been on it?

Well today is my third day, as stated previously i had been goin to docs thinkin i had different infections and then I switched Family docs and he immediately referred me to a uroligist (don’t think I spelled that right). Did the test and just found out 3 days ago. I was just so happy to know I wasn’t crazy and my pain was real. I am going to start having the elmiron put in through a catheter for a few weeks and see if it helps any. I hope something works the pain is almost unbearable. I am to the point now if my hair falls out I don’t care as long as the pain eases off some.

I lose hair but not enough to notice. I have psoriasis as well so that and the medicine I am on makes me lose hair as well. Why do are you doing the elmiron via cath.? I just take 4 pills a day. I so use to getting up all night and not getting enough sleep I don’t know if I want to take anymore medicine. I already take thyroid medicine, diabetes meds, cholesterol meds, psoriasis meds, and IC meds. I am only 36 1/2 and feel like an old women with all these meds. I just have to take it one day at a time. Let me know how the cath. works for you.

Good luck.

I am doing the Elmiron via catheter per doctors advice. He says sometimes it gives a good jump start that way and also takin pills 3 times a day. I am newly diagnosed IC so I don’t know hardly anything except about the pain and the visits to the doctor with no accurate diagnosis so right now I am willin to try anything. I was just so happy to have a name. This doctor was so confident of the diagnosis when i gave him my symptoms I was already cryin before they did the test. Which by the way was excruciatingly painful during the test ( I think was some kinda potassium test inserted in the bladder via catheter) and for first couple of days but now I am just back to the normal pain which is enough. Doc also prescribed Vesicare.