Hello everyone,
First I would like to apologize for my infrequent posts. I was recently released from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor hospital. I was given daily morning PUVA treatments along with steroid inclusion. I applied steroid cream to the affected parts of my body and then I was dressed in a sauna suit for a total of four hours. Afterwards, my sauna suit was removed then water washable based creams and hydrocerin creams were applied and left to soak in for two hours. Next the sterod creams were reapplied and I was put back into the sauna suit for another four hours. After the four hours were complete, I showered to remove any steriod cream not absorbed into my skin. Once my showers were complete, I would once again apply the non-steroid creams. The doctors were pleased with the treatment results. I have a very severe case of LP, but the treatments have alleviated the itching and much of the iflammed lesions have been minimized. I hope this offers encouragement to you all. I had all but given up on my condition (I’ve been a sufferer for over twenty-five years and numerous visits to various doctors were uneventful and discouraging). While my condition still exists, I now arise each morning with anewed vigor and faith. LP may be with me the rest of my life, but I will not let it rule my life. I hope this post find all of you in the best of spirits and greatest of health.
Sincerely your brother,


hi gerry, im so pleased for you that you have not given up. keep that spirit
up chap cause one day there will be a cure for LP. I to have had lp for
twenty odd years and i can tell you that you do fill like a missfit,but your
inner strength tell you to fight what other people might see or say about the
look of what you have,they should try it,maybe they might understand how
painfull it can be. take care and if you have stress in your life fight it off. best
regards jimbo