End of life

My husband has advanced stages of aids. He is bed ridden and is very thin. It is heart breaking every day to see him in this condition. He has a feeding tube that he is feed through. I
feel as if I am prolonging his suffering as long as I feed him through this tube. He rarely can recognize family. He sleeps all day long with out talking. He opens his eyes at times and only has a blank stare. Do any of you have a similar situation you have been through? It is such a difficult thing to go through. The person that use to be is no longer there. He was full of life before.

That is so heartbreaking read. I can only imagine what a difficult time this must be. You both are in my prayers tonight.


Please tell us where you live, and maybe we can give some help.

I too was defined in “the end stages of AIDS” but the medicines are good, and if you live in Europe, UK, Australia, or the U.S., he can get help to survive. Please, Please, let us know how to help you. He doesn’t necessarily need to die.

PLEASE come back and let me know what is happening and where you live. Please!

(Who knows what your husband is experiencing)

With the many medications that have been created , sadly there are still some that have difficulity taking any meds without serious side effects. That is why Geno typing is so important. It’s usually not the HIV/AIDS that ends ones life but due to weaken immune systems , it allows other illnesses to endter the body’s system. A dear friend that passed away 7 years ago on New Years day was such an inspiration till the very end. I have had a couple of friends , also passed, that actually planned their own funerals. They embraced their death just as they embraced their lives. Whether pos or not strength and comfort comes from family friends and spirit. The spirit I can’t emphasise enough , but thats a whole different topic.