Experience w/ Bile Acids?


Hi there,

First, I want to thank all of you who share so much helpful info. It is wonderful to hear all your experiences and tips.

I have a question, have any of you been on bile acid? Actigall or Ursodiol?

I had another ERCP about a month ago, and they found stones in my pancreas, this coming a few weeks after a two and a half week stay in the hospital with a cyst in my pancreas that caused all kinds of nastiness.

So, my doctor has given me a script for this bile acid, and my main concern, of course, is getting sicker from it, as the side effects are mostly digestion related. The info I have read on the internet about it says that it is used primarily to dissolve gallstones, and I no longer have my gallbladder.

So, if you have had any experience with this, I would appreciate the help. Thanks again, and I hope for healthy, pain free days for all of you.

Take Care.


Hi, I took Actigall for years to help with a “sludge” problem, I really didn’t have any side effects, but they did take me off it. My physician felt I didn’t need it. But, I can tell a difference without it. I can feel small “spasms” similar to right before I get my bile duct obstructions.


I take ursodiol. I’ve been taking it for about 3 months. I notice a difference if I go off. I got started on it because I have very very itchy skin. The PA that gave it to me told me that your bile has viscosity, like oil. Sometimes the bile gets thick and can cause the skin to itch. The ursodiol helps to loosen the bile up and it really does help with the awful itching problem.



I was on Ursodiol for about a year with my previous doctor. At that point in time he was like a crazy magician reaching into his bag of tricks. In other words there was no rhyme or reason for what he did. The Ursodiol gave me no relief just diarrhea worse than ever. I did not have a gallbladder either when he put me on it. I now take Creon and prevacid. Good Luck!



What is creon??? Thanks


It is a synthetic pancreatic enzyme. It is classified as a digestant and is similar to Pangestyme.


It is a pancreatic enzyme. I take 2 20mg every time that I eat.