Experiences with ovarian surgery?


I would like to hear from any of you who have had surgery for ovarian
cysts or tumors. I am scheduled for a complete hysterectomy &
oophorectomy in 10 days. They will remove both ovaries, falopian
tubes, and uterus. My doctor says he hope to do this surgery
laparoscopically, “unless things change and he will have to do it with
a large incision.” I am certainly hopeful that it can ge done
laparoscopically. They have found a growth on my right ovary and a
smaller one on my left ovary. They did an ultrasound, which I believe
just tells them the size (4.6 cm) and not if this is cancerous. I had
the CA125 blood test which came back with a very low number of 4.9
(with a normal range of 0-35 I think)

If you have had this surgery, can you post a reply to me regarding
perhaps things you didn’t expect, how long you were in the hospital,
what your incisions look like, and if these small incisions have any
other problems. I am very interested in the incisions, because I have
had breast surgery and my incisions from that are hideous and no one
warned me at all. I have discussed this with this doctor who also
assures me that the incisions will be “no problem.” I am just trying
to get all the information I can get before having this procedure
done. For those of you who may have had this surgery months ago or lobger, can you tell me how your scars have healed?

Thank you so much for any advice or telling me any details about the
surgery I should know. I certainly appreciate it.




I have written a children’s book called Grandma Kathy has Cancer, which was inspired by and is a tribute to my dear sister Kathy, who lost her four-year battle to ovarian cancer last fall. The book’s inspiration was the real-life episodes between my sister and her granddaughter as she worked through the struggles with this “silent killer.”

I have used these real life happenings to help children better understand what happens when a family member is afflicted with cancer and am trying to spread the message that this book conveys – one of hope, love, and the importance of cherishing every moment of life.

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Comments are welcome.




Hi Footsox,

I just had lap surgery to remove an ovary with “complex” cysts. I have three incisions, each about an inch and half long. Although the incisions are smaller than a big one across the abdomen, they still are very sore. The layers of muscle that they have to cut through are many, so take care when you return home to stay in bed as much as possible. Early on there is other discomfort related to the gas they use to pump up your belly for the surgery. That gas takes a few days to re-absorb and basically leave your body. USE THE PAIN MEDS! When you get up to use the bathroom walk around a bit to get “things moving”.

I have a scar on the side of my belly, just below the bikini line, one inside my belly button, and one right on the hairline. They are bruised and glued together, but look pretty good considering…
Take care and hope this helps. - Hester