Family drunk

Hi I’m sandra, my dad became an alcoholic right after he got out of Vietam, when he was 18. I’m now 18 and he is 57. I grew up my whole life having him tell me I was nothing everyday. And people were so surprised when I was diagnosed as Depressed when I was 8 years old. Everyone told me my brain didn’t work like everyone elses but after I grew up a little more I knew it wasn’t me. I guess I have no real questions, I just need someone to listen. Anyone who knows what it’s like. I always have people tell me they understand what I’m going through but they don’t because they never grew up with an alcoholic. I’m not the only one who was affected either. My twin sister became obbsessive compulsive and my older sister I only see an hour a week, and its been that way since I remember. And because my mom couldn’t get my dad to stop drinking she became depressed and became an alcoholic herself. I don’t know what a normal life is. Any responses at all would be wonderful, all I need is someone to listen.

Here is the site for “Adult Children of Alcoholics”:

Hello. There is a link i posted here that will give you a site that you can choose which state you are from and what type of meeting you want. It gives you everything you need and want. Times,dates place. everything. It is posted under link. Hope this heps you. And weetzi i am here for you if you ever need someone to talk to. {{hugs}} xoxox

Here is that link for you. xoxox