Fathers and papers and tests oh my

father- bad heart valve,bad kidneys bad liver in and out of the hospital a revolving door oh yeah fluid build up oing down hill

papers and tests- tired of them but plugging along getting ok grades for most part want to apply what I am learning( get a job) but jobs are non existent

a lot on my plate right now not around as much am exhausted and anxious most of the time with days when I think my world is coming to an end mingled in there

You are in my prayers Vickie, I am so sorry you are going through so much.
Bon’s father in law is in the hospital also. Please keep her and family in your prayers too…

Everyone is in my prayers. Seems like we all are going thru something. Stinks but we will make it thru. I know I am trying. Hope you all are also. Can’t let the issues win.

and you are right Dreen we can’t let the issues win…
huggin yall

Just reminding you that if you need to talk there are people here to listen. ((((HUG))))