only have about 10-15 minutes, and i am having to steal that time as it is, but only because i need to… and also know, that i probably wont be able to answer until tomorrow evening because i am traveling back home, but yeah, here goes.
About 10 minutes ago i was hit by a large unknown fear, i have no idea what is causing it, no idea why at all… for some reason i am very afraid, and i sure as hell don’t understand why.

I’m thinking of you right now , exactly at 10:10am.
Hoping thing’s are well with you and wishing you less fear !! I know your a soldier and you have courage , strength , dignity , commitment and destiny. Passion lives in your heart. Fear is the mindkiller and I’ll hit you up on that one asap…when you return.
The good news …is… I’m not going to let you fear this alone. I’ll be waitting with you , inside your heart and soul …in spirit Jimmy , not in person. Of , course I’ll be singing and you’ll be listening. Funny thing about simple pleasures …I find them extremely healing and comforting. Just as today , for a few moments when the lyrics and music washed over my soul , I was touched and sustained.
I pray you have -a-lot-less- fear ~ at this very moment , and through this trip back to bade , I really hope you’r beating the BigStorm.

Look into the sky while your on that jetairplane and think of Angels , they can fly because they take themselves lightly.
I just sent my Angel ahead of you to " Guard " you along your way. She’s watching over you. You know , Dude ~ My Angel is one crazi chick and she won’t let you fall.
xx Jade