Fibromyalgia Member Introductions

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community. Everyone here has something to share about Fibromyalgia. For the discussion boards, we ask that you keep your full name and location private.

I’d like to connect with others who suffer from the same disorder as I do

I would like to join your community to talk to others with my conditions and be supportive because i know some of what they are going through and it gets lonely.

Life is about health, family and friends, but sometimes its hard to keep focus on what is most important

I live in the northeast and suffer from seasonal depression. I basically hibernate from november until april. Besides moving, I’d really like to talk to people about how they’ve conquered their depression. I’m a really cynical person and depression has got me beat :confused:

Hi! MY name is Dori, and I live in Ohio.  I was diagnosed about 3 years ago with Fibro and mainly suffer from the fatigue and  exhaustion part of it.  Lately I have gotten some newer drugs that have helped with the pain, so all I’m dealing with is sleepiness, which requires napping during the day, unfortunately!  It makes for a strange daytime routine.  That and combined with arthritis and complete ACC as well as back pain is some days just too much to handle.

Yes this illness is really bad. I am divorced and my daughter is living in Pa. Mom and sister live about fifteen minutes away but of no help. I also have degenerative disc disease and last surgery was a year ago december . Had a lamenectomy on Lower spine. WOuld you believe that the other day I was talking to my mother and sister and they claim they don’t remember me having back surgery. Give me a break. They were going to visit one of my brothers in the hospital who is having a stomach problem and I said why do u visit him and all the times I was in for surgery no one was ever there. They said when did u have back surgery. Makes me feel so insignificant. My one and only child is married and lives in Pa. She was just here for two weeks and boy i miss her. Lousy to be alone. No freinds to even help. South East Florida is a strange place to meet people Been here 18 years. It is all about what you have aka material things and not who you are. Hugs to all who are having a rough time.

Just want to connnect with individuals with the same condition/s. I live in California and just want someone to talk to!

I’ve been living with this for a while now and it’s simply painful and it’s good to connect with others who can relate and truly understand.

I have been dx with Fibromyalgia. However, I still am as yet unconvinced that I have this condition… so am always wanting to learn more. A healthy diet, the best in Vitamins and Supplements and regular visits to my Chiropractor keep me from feeling overwhelmed. I am the CareGiver for my young granddaughter that has Cystic Fibrosis.

Hi, My name is Gina. I dont know if I have fibromyalgia or not, my Mom has it and she has for about 20 years. I hurt a lot all over, and she would press on the points on my neck back and shoulders and it hurt really bad, she knows right where the points are. I have cancer, Fibromuscular dysplasia, arrythmia. Has anyone with fibromyalgia tested positive for lupus? My moms doc gave her some test and she tested pos for lupus, he said that he dont think she has lupus but that people who have fibromyalgia test pos for lupus? have you heard of that?

Dear fellow Members. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when it was still considered a offshoot of depression.I was given the pain point test and a written test for symptoms by the top rheumatologist at our local hospital. I was immediately put on anti -depressive meds. It has not helped me with the numerous painful pain and spasm episodes. I,m very tired of putting up with the pain. I can’t sit too long, or I can,t walk.I can,t lie down too long. I can’t stay on my feet too long My pace is slow. I have episodes of tendinitis in my elbows, lower back pain, and bursitus in both hips.Stairs are difficult for me and getting in and out of cars. I also have a ruptured disc. I,m diabetic but its under control.My blood tests come out excellent when given 6 month checks. I,m an 8 year survivor of breast cancer. My cholesterol and bp are under control. My only problem is constant pain and spasms. I think the next step will be pain management if I don,t find a solution soon. Instead of being able to do more, I end up doing less. Stress will stiffen my legs make them leaden till I can hardly walk.I really feel frustratedwith my declining ability to move without pain. Love to all. Gramms

I am interested in this conditon because I have it. i would like ot learn more about it and connect with others that have it.

Hi, my name is Stephanie,
I am 54
I am happily married for32 years this Oct.
I have 1 child and two grandsons
1- sheltie and 4- cats.
I have endometriosis,fibromyalgia,lupus , osteoprosis and IBS
I have my own business, Fluffy Paws Pet Sitting 3 years now.
I hope to learn about these illnesses from you.

Hi,my name is Rhonda.I am 38 and I have been happily married to Duane for over 20 yrs.I have 4 sons - Duane 20,Kevin 19,Andrew 17 & Cody 16.

I have been dx’ed with Fibromyalgia and OA and I am in the process of getting dx’ed with Lupus or MS.

Hi. I have fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain, chronic lumbar pain, chronic fatigue, etc. After a car accident two weeks ago, I feel like hard salt water taffy someone shook up in an empty coffee can.

After 9 years, my husband left me never believing that I had pain every day. I ended up gaining a lot of weight, too.

hello my name is ana,and I have fibromyalgia and I would like to converse with gramms she has lots of simularities that I have and I would like to know how she gets through her days.

I have Fibromyalgia and suffer with chronic pain on a daily basis. I’m looking for information concerning a possible connection between Fibromyalgia (FMS) and Arnold Chiari Malformation (ACM). I had an operation for Chiari in '86 and had no medical problems thereafter until a car accident in February 1994 changed my life forever.


I am interested in hearing different perspectives of patients who suffer from fibromyalgia