First Appointment with Fibro Dr Monday

I've avoided going to see a specialist about my pain.  I guess it's just too daunting to accept that the pain I feel so often is never going to get better.  However, with becoming pregnant my fibromyalgia has flared up so badly I couldn't ignore it anymore. 

I'm worried however, that there still won't be anything we can do to lessen the pain.  It's horrible.  My lower back and hips lock up after sitting for short periods of time.  Yet my sciatica acts up with too much activity.  So so frustrated! 

The worst part is that I still have four months to go with the pregnancy, then I'm sure the fibro will be triggered by lack of sleep and too much stress once the baby is here. 

Anyone here with fibro have any advice on how to keep this under control, or how to handle this first appointment?  I'm scared of seeming like I'm overreacting, or scared of under stating the pain I'm in.  :/ 


hi  I am so sorry that u are going thru this…u seem so alone. Honey when u go to the dr just tell the truth…hopefully he will hear it in your voice that u in pain. I dont know what they can do for the pain being that u are pregnant but hopefully they can do something. I go to a pain clinic for my pain meds…i find that drs dont want to prescribe meds…they’re afraid to becuz of all the publicity and theDEA. pain clinics are covered so they will prescribe meds. In fact there may be something u can take while being pregant. You never know until u go and ask questions. I wish u luck. I have heard of trigger point injections and also there is a pain implant that they are using also. Maybe he will give u something u can take once in a while. I’ve got other illnesses besides fibro so i take alot of opiates for pain. oh i’m rambling and i dont know what to tell u…i wish i did…but please write back and tell me how u made out at the dr. love lorial

hi, amilee Im so sry your goign through this! I couldnt imagin having fibro and being pregnant, but then again I know for me my conditions  is still not completly diagnosed, anyway rambling here, please look at my post for lower back pain Im sure that  that will help get you through. best of luck too you and your baby to be.

                                        hugs onna

Well I'm officially diagnosed.  *sighs*  I'm party relieved because now I can start a plan to help keep my pain at bay.  But the other part is well, annoyed because I hate knowing it won't ever completely go away.

So I'm starting my plan right away.  I'm in physical therapy twice a week for at least six weeks, I need to buy new shoes and keep my excersice up.  She and I are also keeping in mind trigger point injections (though we'd probably only use a bare need to put stuff in my system)

The scariest part is that my physical therapy not only deals with my physical pain but my doctor believes that my history of being a survivor of CSA and SA so we're going to work on my reclaiming my body to help control the pain.  My most painful area is my lower back, caused by that last back joint (tail bone?) and she believes that my emotional repression is coming out physically...not that I haven't dealt at all with being a survivor but with the changes my body is going through (most specifically becoming VERY aware of my reproductive parts through this pregnancy) it's triggering some stuff I'd PREFER not to deal with.  But alas, such is life. 

I'm willing to do anything though to help this pain.

Thanks everyone for your ideas and input and support.  It's much appreciated.