First diagnosis of RSD

I wanted to know how you all felt when you were first diagnosed with RSD, and the first steps you took after that diagnosis.

I felt like my world had just stopped turning and my life was literally over. I knew when my doctor told me I was past my window of opportunity and my RSD would spread and I had an undetermined, long, painful road ahead of me" that I was no more. The person I had been for 39 years was gone and replaced with a body that still housed my brain, but was overtaken with the burning pain that constantly overtook my strength physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt alone, even with hundreds of family, friends, medical coworkers, and even other RSD patients around me. I did not know who or what I was or if I was ever going to be even close to the Audrey that myself and everyone else admired and loved. I was lost, afraid, and confused. I really did not know if I wanted to live this pitiful, painful scenerio of a “life” that was being laid out before me. My choices were not many, though. After 6 years I am still struggling to convince social security, since August 2003 when I finally gave up the battle when the RSD spread to all four extremities and I could not do any type of work and had to sign up for SS benefits, but because my bones are not broken, yet, and they can not see my nerves on the outside, my pain is not visible to the naked eye, therefore it must be questionable. But let us all remember PAIN IS SUBJECTIVE AND WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN TO HAVE PAIN CONTROLLED, AFTER ALL IT IS THE FIFTH VIVTAL SIGN…It seems a judge is more qualifed these days when it comes to RSD than our doctors and specialists, go figure…In summary, I still feel the same today as I did when I was diagnosed…lost and afraid, and forgotten. My years of service to my community and country means nothing when the table was turned and I needed and still need what is rightfully mine. I wonder, why is now that I paid in social security since I was 15 years old…Anyone have the answer?

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I wanted to know how you all felt when you were first
diagnosed with RSD, and the first steps you took after that diagnosis.

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