Food Allergies

Hello Everyone,
Abby was just tested for food allergies and the results came that she is allergic to eggs, milk, wheat, peanut, potato, corn, amd strawberry. The allergist seems to think that if we take these foods from her diet that it may cut down on the amount of ear and sinus infections, improve lung function and immune function.
Abby is 10 years old and has been tested before and this is the first time a food allergies came back positive. Abby has Probable PCD, is a + CF carrier, and has a questionable immune defency.
I was wondering what everyone might think and if I should remove these foods from her diet or not?
Thanks Everyone,
April (MI Mother to Abby 10 Probable PCD)

Hi April,

I was diagnosed with celiac disease right around my PCD diagnosis, and I was
amazed at what a difference going gluten-free (no wheat, barley, rye, malt,
etc) made in my sinus congestion. I mean, I’d had many sinus surgeries and
over 20 ear surgeries and within two weeks of removing my “red flag” food
items, my sinus headaches were gone. I also removed dairy from my diet (I am
not lactose intolerant) to cut down on congestion, and I know it’s helping
because the one time I “cheated” and had some frozen yogurt, I was coughing
and really congested almost immediately.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get sinus infections and I still get a ton of
respiratory infections, especially in the winter, but the day to day sinus
pressure and awful headaches and the need for surgery are definitely
diminished. Long story: I really, really think removing the foods is a good
idea. At least give it a shot and see if you notice a difference. Perhaps in
time you can figure out if some foods bother her more than others. Being on
a restricted diet is hard, but there are lots of creative ways to make
eating fun, and if she’s feeling better and sick less, it’s worth it.

Good luck!

27, PCD, Boston

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You know how can have almost pcd and or CVID
if the igg level is low, one gets ivig…if one has
unstructured cilia, one starts sinupulmonary vest
treatment and sinus …whether or not their are allergies,
all must be treated…and this would mean staying
away what your dtr reacts too…I grew up too
with allergies…off and on…dust was a big one…
I even went of allergy shots…growing up…but I was
not tested for CVID until I moved to Arizona from
Seattle…and PCD until I was 48 yrs old…
I drink milk today and does not bother me…there
was once a study done, where two groups had
bronchitis, one group had milk the other did not…
and both groups had the same amount of mucus…
I grew up on antibiotics too…two lung surgeries,
first sinus surgery at 12…lung was at 4 and 13, and
all the doctor’s knew is that I had sinupulmonary disease,
i started postural drainage at 2 years old…and that was
in 1946…

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I had an allergic reaction after eating shrimps, but I don’t have reactions anymore. The body tends to fluctuate and be unpredictable when you have PCD. One day you’re feeling fine, and the next, you’re taking a toll for the worst.