Food Choices that are ok with Tmau

Does anyone know if it’s ok to eat egg Mcmuffin with avocados? Trying to see what’s good to eat.

Hello I have had an issue for greater than 20 years putrid smelling sweat very soon after I take a shower and bath. Look at lists for foods with high levels of choline. Choline is the issue. Choline is needed for proper functions of our body but some people don’t metabolize it properly. egg yolks and avocados in general are not good to eat if you suffer with this issue. I have been humiliated in every setting I have been in work, spiritual meetings. It is unreal how devastating it is to hear people say she needs a bath. But please google foods with high choline levels and try to avoid or eat in moderation to see which affects you the most,

Are you in the truth… Are you a witness?