Our son had an ileostomy done last week he had TCHD they started to give him pedialyte yesterday. During the night he became distended and they stopped the feedings. Is this normal after surgery???Has anyone experienced the same thing?

Chase does not have TCHD- they only removed 11cm one stage surgery- he was 3.5 weeks old. They did not give him pedialyte until 48 hours after his surgery.

They started him with 15cc’s every 3 hours. He was allowed to resume normal feedings at 72 hours post-op. Chase was on the ventilator for 24 hours after surgery b/c he had respiratory failure. I’m not sure if the delayed feeding was due to the vent or just the surgeon’s policy. We were allowed to bring him home 24 hours after full feedings were resumed. He has not been distended since his surgery.