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My husband, Eddie was diagnosed in July with stage IV pancreatic cancer that has metastasized to the liver. He has lost over 60 pounds since May. He doesn’t like how skinny he has become and is trying to gain some weight. He isn’t comfortable visiting with people because of the weight loss and says he’d feel better about it if he could just put on some weight. He says his food all tastes the same and then he doesn’t feel like eating. Any suggestions on how to make his foods not all taste the same?

The things he does seem to be interested in eating are Keebler cookies–the chocolate ones and peanut butter and jelly on an english muffin. Oh yea, frosted flakes are also good. He also likes the chocolate Ensure that the doctor recommended.

i just typed a long message i lost it trying to spell check

check the files, database, links and photos. get whey protein drink sample(some taste bad) known to srink tumors as is green veggie juices check video on on world without cancer and cantron check cured himself of pancreatic cancer and went onto help thousands of others get enzymes take lots! i have a video on on pancreatic cancer shearch for pancreatic cancer on the video sites and you can evev find the surgeries

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Except on chemo days and holidays, it would be advisable to
avoid things high in sugar as it feeds the cancer. If he is not
receiving nutritional guidance, this may be a major failing by the
treatment specialists involved. It may be difficult to get around
many of the taste issues. My wife has pancreatic cancer and
has had to deal with significant taste issues as weel but has
had some level of success in maintining adequate calorie
intake. I will see if she might have time to share some thoughts
regarding this topic.



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thanks kyle, i wrote surgar info in the email that was deleted.

if not on hospic your insurance should cover tpn in an iv bag but dont count on that being his only intake he will need more.
blessings debbie

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Wendy …

My husband Gary (61) also has PC Stage 4 with liver involvement and experiences exactly the same problems as your Eddie. He has lost over 70#s in the last year. He frequently wants certain things to eat and with just the smells of them cooking he’s only able to eat a bite or two.

He’s not a big sweets eater and for that I’m thankful. He does have IV fluids (saline) at home to help with the dehydration and also IV Gravol for the nausea/vomiting.

His weight has pretty much stabilized for now. He tries to focus on getting proteins first and I keep a variety of meats and real cheese on hand for him to snack on. He also finds things like pastas with meat, homemade soups/stews easier to eat and don’t seem to affect his stomach as much. I also keep puddings on hand and these come in sugar-free varieties.

He tried the chocolate Ensure and found it entirely too sweet (even with I diluted it half and half with regular milk). I know they have a new variety called Glycerna now which was formulated for diabetics.

Nutritious foods is an ongoing struggle, but anything that he feels he wants to try to eat, I make.

Best wishes to both of you.

Hi Wendy,

I lost my hubby to this horrid disease last year. The Rx that helped him
the most was called MAGACE. It is for anexoria, to give the patient an
appetite. When he took it, it helped him to eat more and better. He seemed
to have an almost uncontrollable urge to eat sweets, and some days that’s
all he could get down. I remember the days well, when he would ask for
something to be made for him, only to get sick at the thought of eating it
by the time I got it cooked… Very frustrating…try the magace and see if
it helps. Once he stopped eating, it let the disease take hold faster and
things got worse fast.

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i understand that the reg ensure is too much sugar try prosure samr company but for cancer. or i think balance. my brothers girl friend gave her mother ensure but couldnt get her to drink water she died of liver failure.

distilled water is best walmarts still cost the less.

including raw apple cider vinager daily will help with digestion and keeping bacteria and virus down check out braggs website,

my brother couldnt eat for 3 weeks utill he started drinking the noni i sent him.

info is in the group files


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Megace (megestrol)


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I want to thank everyone for their information. When I mentioned the sugar feeding the cancer, Eddie said we need to find other things for him to snack on. He has always had a sweet tooth and now we’ll have to try some sugar things.

I’m glad I found this website. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and it’s nice to be abe to ask questions of people who are going through or have gone through the same thing.

Keeping you in our prayers,

I always have bad taste where to you get the whey that sounds like the
liquid from either ricotta cheese or cottage cheese???
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whey is used by top body builders but some protien drinks taste bad!!! so some health food stores offer trail packets.

my grandson is`using one but i cant remember the name.

i bought and shipped it from my noni website for my brother he liked it BUT some have`soy protien i read is not good for pancreas.

mr michigan did recommend a certain brand in 2004 but i forgot what…

in the book the complete cancer cleanse she`states that whey can shrink cancer tumors after so many months.

we all have done so much damage to are bodies with toxins we eat in the S.A.D. and stress of our live still it willtake time to revirse the danmage.

on the group cancercured they have lots of info as well as on the cantron group too.

blessings debbie

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