G-Tube problems

I am not sure how many of you have experience with them, but my son has a G-tube. It is a Mic-Key, a button, and he’s had it since he was born pretty much. The problem with it is he does not receive any medication or feeds through it. Me and my husband feed our son formula by mouth to settle him down and to keep his swallowing reflexes working. (He is on 24 hour TPN) Unfortunately, the milk just runs right out of his stomach! We hooked the feeding tube to the Mic-Key and let it drain out of that into a little pill bottle that we rigged up so it does not run down his tummy but he has gotten so he drinks so fast, it STILL runs out! Does anyone else have this problem? We do not even use the stupid thing! Can they just get rid of it?

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In case it’s helpful, this topic was discussed recently on the short bowel
syndrome yahoo group. I’ve summarized some of the points from that
discussion on the short gut wiki:

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I don’t know much about SGS yet but I do know a lot about g-buttons. Your child’s button doesn’t fit correctly. It should not leak at will. You can try checking the amount of water/saline in the balloon. It should be between 3 - 7cc’s. If you are not sure how to check it, let me know. I will walk you through it. Second, your child may have outgrown the button size. If you are not using the button, ask the surgeon or doctor that ordered the placement of the button about taking it out. Keep in mind, that may present a whole other problem. Usually you are told to allow at least several weeks to see if the opening from the button will close on its own. During the first few days you may have more leakage than you do now. However, that should slow down and hopefull stop all together. If not, the doctor can take a few stitches and close up the opening.

Good luck!
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I have a son who is three and also has a G-tube and has been on TPN. I agree with the other lady who said that the button shouldn’t leak. We haven’t used our button but a handful of times in the past three years but doctors are very reluctant to remove it because if you closed it up and had to put a new one in, the procedure becomes much more complicated.

I applaud your work on every level! Managing TPN 24 hours a day is a tremendous undertaking! I’m glad your feeding your son via mouth it is truly your ticket to freedom. Good luck and don’t hesitate to email again if you need any support.


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Paige Solomon

The doctor wanted to put a G tube in my son too but my husband and I was against it. My son is on 16 hrs TPN and is able to take formula by mouth. My understanding to the G tube was so the doctor can do a slow drip of his formula to keep the liver healthy. We didn’t see the point in placing a G tube if his able to take formula by mouth.
If you’re not using the G tube I don’t understand why your doctor wouldn’t take it out. Are they advising you to do the slow drip of his formula?

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Some thoughts on g-tube vs. oral feedings are also available on the short gut

I think this may also be a summary from discussion on the yahoo short bowel
syndrome group.

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my son also has a g-tube and tpn he is 11 years old and he is doing great .also about the g-tube leaking he also has the mikey button and that hapens only when it needs more water in the ballon or it 's time for a new set.

Hi there,

My son Joel has a mickey button we’re doing well with it, however, he has a granuloma that keeps growing. grrr Our gi docs said to put maalox on it and keep it clean and dry which is what we’ve been doing ,except they gave us mylanta at the hospital. Is there much of a difference between the two?If you have had them and found something that works for you please share. Has anyone been able to keep their’s under control. His is fine as long as its cauterized and now we’re @ 2-week interval for the follow up’s so in the mean time it grows back.
any suggestions ? thank you treena

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My son also has a MicKey button and we have had leaking from day 1. We have gone up in size to the point where no one wants to go above the 16 french 1.2 we have now so since the beginning we have placed slit 2x2 gauze underneath the button. They started it when he was in the hospital and we have continued at home. Our GI always complains that i should just not use the gauze but he doesnt seem to understand that Ian will leak everything we put in if I dont. With the gauze its a snugger fit and we have minimal leaking. If your like me and they wont change the size then tyr the gauze, we get ours fromt he home health company.