G-tubes and Daycare

For those of you who remember me, my son Azriel is doing fantastic since his transplant! He is crawling and finally eating by mouth about 12oz of baby food a day! We are so proud of him! He still receives G-tube feeds about 18 hours a day, which is very difficult with him crawling. We are still on our Compassionate Assignment, but in November we are free to PCS and because the nation is at war, the Army will snap us up pretty quick. My question is do daycares allow children w/G-tubes to attend? Because he is immuno-suppressed he cannot be around all the other children until he is a year out (November) but when we leave and go to a regular unit we will need childcare. What do you guys do for your little ones?

I have not found a regular daycare that will take my child with a gt. There are medical daycares around. Not usually in rural areas though. They are staffed by nurses and other licensed people. So far that I have seen, many insurances pay for it too.

Thanks so much we are currently looking into a place like that for Azriel. Our insurance is not being much help, unfortunately, so we are looking into some supplemental things. I am so angry they will not pay for a nurse for us during the day; they said that having a g-tube does not qualify him for skilled nursing. I could scream sometimes. But I guess it could be worse huh?

I was told here in AZ that by law they can not discriminate and not accept my son due to medical issues, however I don’t want Ian going to where they cant handle his care ect. Have you looked into putting your son into any disability insurance? Like here in AZ our son is on SSI and just got accepted into the ALTCS long term insurance (state program) which includes respite so a qualified person would come into the home to watch Ian if I chose to return to work. Just an idead when you do get PC’d to your new base to look into.