Gastric bypass


Have any of you had this surgery, in any form?

I am “morbidly obese,” and my doctor is recommending the surgery.

I’d like to hear from some DD patients who’ve had the surgery, if possible.


me< (Cindy)


Hi Cindy,

I had Gastric Bypass April of 04 and everything went alright I lost 116 pounds and approx 6 months later began gaining. I have now gained about 80 + back. If I had it to do again, I wouldn’t do it. I hate the dumping and the constant either feeling to full or hearing my intestines gargle all the time or all the incredibly horrible smelling gas that is so intense. There is so much more to it than losing weight. I am so disappointed, but everyone is very different and you should get lots of different opinions prior to making a final decision either way. I wish all the best! By the way Carney Wilson’s website is really good. But remember she doesn’t have DD.


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I was wondering the same thing. Since my diabetes is so bad…I thought maybe I should look into it. I have such terrible IBS I am afraid my digestive problems would get worse. I watch what and how much I eat but it doesn’t make any difference. I also had the 100 lb weight gain in a short time. DD muct affect your metabolism? I know it robs you of any energy and since it hurts when we move, we try to avoid moving. Sure, its easy to jog around and cut up veggies when you don’t feel like screaming from pain all the time. Exercise kills me except for in the very warm water they use in physical therapy pools and you can only use that for a limited time as insurance won’t cover it very long.



Our YWCA has a warm, saltwater pool - deep, too. But although they claim it’s handicapped accessible, it’s really not. There’s a long ramp, followed by several steps! There are several places in which it couldn’t be harder to access. My PCP has offered to write a letter of protest about this situation. I’m going to try it once just to be sure of the order of the steps/ramp/walk process. The water is almost worth it. I’m buoyant beyond belief in my sister’s pool - in that pool, I don’t think you could sink me with weights! :slight_smile:

We use exercise equipment and really enjoy the water when we’re there. I love the depth - everything that hurts is in warm water! I’d go every day if it were more easily accomplished.

It’s a crazy world - a group like the YW makes pseudo-accessibility clams, and the major health organization I worked for made as difficult as possible for me to go on working there. (This well-documented fact. My lawyer, and indeed the employment counselor I spoke to when I applied for unemployment benefits, assured me I could win a lawsuit. I just wasn’t up to it, as I’m sure you’ll all understand!

Anyway, on we go. I hope more people reply about this. Especially those who’ve had it.




Hi Cindy…Did you ever decide about the gastric bypass surgery? My diabetes doctor said I should get it but that I could not just get a lap band…I would need the real thing. I would like to lower the expense of the diabetic insulin and all the pills I take for diabetes, BPH and cholesterol. I don’t know if they would do it with my heart problem. Also, I would have all that loose fat afterwards that insurance won’t cover the removal I don’t think. Just wondering…Hugs…Sylvia


Hi, Sylvia,

We (my husband and I) decided against gastric bypass for a few reasons. No guarantee it’ll work, for one thing. Little to now documentation about how it works with DD, and in fact, the long-term effects of gastric bypass.

I went on Weight Watchers via the 'Net and I have lost 10 lbs. It’s something. Hopefully enough to keep the doc off my back when I see him!




I guess you’ve heard by now that this isn’t really a good option for us (usually) because we can’t loose the diseased DD fat only the “normal” on our bodies. I wore a size 7 or 9 before DD and I eat even less than I did then but I’ve gained 100 lbs of DD fat since the nodules began forming (or went active as I say) and took over my body. I’m in a 20 or 22 now but cannot lose any weight nor excercise at all. I seem to have no appetite for the last 6 months other than occasionally I’ll get hungry and eat lunch with friends. But most of the time food doesn’t interest me. Many days all I’ll eat is an orange or apple or a tomato for 2 meals a day and I mean I’ll force myself to eat one thing and then I don’t want anything some days and can’t eat at all but I’m thirsty all the time so I drink tons of Propel water, tomato juice or rarely tea. Yet I continue to gain weight. It’s very depressing to know that you rarely eat, have no appetite and go to the doctor and have gained another 10 lbs each time. They don’t believe that you don’t eat because of the rapid wt gain. I’ll bet if there was a way to test it, they would say that I was malnourished but they don’t believe it by looking at you.



I have DD and was diagnosed in 1995. In April 2004 I had Gastric Bypass. Initially it was awesome. I lost 116 pounds and kept it off for two years. But I sadly report that now I have gained nearly the entirety of the weight back. My insides are very different now (of course) and I am continually running to the bathroom with either needing to vomit or with diarrhea. It is and has been such a seriously life altering event in my world that looking back from where my weight is now and all the different issues that I have encountered had I known then what I know now, I would NOT have opted for the Gastric Bypass.


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Nadine, thank you so much for confirming what was a difficult decision! Ultimately, our insurane won’t pay for it, but my husband said, “We’re talking about your health - we can come up with the money!” Thanks so much.



I know how you feel, Benita. I was a mere size 8-10, and now I am a (gasp) 3X! I’m not sure of the numerical size. A 32 maybe? I hate being so fat, especially when I didn’t get to pig out to get this way!


Thanks for your responses. I am considering it because when I go on Medicare next year I don’t see how we will afford all my medicines. I am still on a good plan now but will lose it next year. I will be in Medicare’s “donut hole” after a month. Medicare only pays the first $2,000 or so then you have to pay $2,500 or so out of pocket before they pay again…that will be $5,000 for my husband and myself plus the copays. his one drug is $700 …my insulin is still going up but is about $15 a day…plus the other 15 pills I take…We aren’t poor enough to get into any of the RX assist plans…also you have to pay the Medicare premium and the Medicare supplement premium which is about $140 a month each…I am still working on it!


Come November I too lose my insurance and can’t go on Medicare till Im 62 I was 60 in Feb. and yes even with medicare and supplements I will be paying 3$00.00 or more and they want 560.00 for Cobra without prescription costs soooo. Move to Canada? Die? It is absolutely ridiculous, and Im ver upset about healthcare situation and I personally am turning more and more to natural meds and herbs because I hate Drs they aren’t like in old days and really cared they are in it for money and glory and are killing more of us than ever before even with new technologies and their Pills, Merck has killed over 50,000 people with Viox and other drug and more added to list all the time. We have only lost 4000 in Iraq and Merck knew and had their own employees pose as scientists and inspectors and falsified documents on the effectiveness of the drug in trials. Check out the internet and news on this disgrace.

I Don’t think we should have to pay taxes or medical after sixty five anyway. I am becoming my own doctor researcher now and it really does piss some Drs off and intimidates them but anytime they say take this or that I goto my computer and check out dr sites and medline pub med and all I can find on them before I take them then I try them and if I feel they aren’t working or causing problems I don’t take them and look for different approach. I think God gave us everything we need here on earth to take care of ourselves using natural God given ingredients that won’t have mans side effects and dangers but no one is looking for those meds or the government gids rid of them and denys FDA approval on health cures. In bed with Big Pharma! Whew boy!!! did I get wound up or what? Sorry, I am just so ashamed about the way we treat our seniors and the god awful prices for medical care and meds.

I will send any info I get about Diabetes and will call my Sis in Portland and see what co she uses and how much for meds.

Love & Hugs

#13 Here is another new technique there using stem cell therapy with place in Houston I think Main center in France


I have been considering either the by-pass or lap band, but I haven’t talked to anyone who has had either one that is happy with their results. Most say they wish they had not done it. Its a very difficult decision to make. We are desperate for relief from the pain the weight causes.

Davana, you sound just like me, I work in a Chiropractic Clinic and we have two great massage therapist and a wonder acupunturist from Japan, who is a genius with Chinese medicine. I have only been on her herbs and nutritional protocol for a short time, but have made some improvement. I get on a hugs soap box when it comes to Insurance, Medicare and OMG pharmacutical companies are all criminals, I have to take a certain number of meds, and I am trying very hard to take as little as possible. My goal is to go completely herbal someday.

One of my really good friends wants me to try the ionic foot spa, it draws all the poisons out of your blood stream. I was skeptical as usual, but she had silicone implants due to an accident as a child. But she got sick and vomited so hard one ruptured. Of course she had surgery immediatly, but the silicone was still in her blood stream.

After several years later and being sick beyond words, my doc hooked her up with a great massage therapist that specializez in Lymph drainage, and also she does the ionic foot spa. It was incredible how much of the silicone came out on her first session. She swears these process has changed her life. She does the treatments as often as her finances allow. It can be expensive, as as toxic as most of us are it would take a number of sessions to make a real difference.

I haven’t been able to take advantage of this yet but I fully intend to as soon as I can afford it. I need to do this for myself. I can’t just sit here and get worse and worse.

Ok I have preached enough for now take care, God bless us all and gentle loving hugs to everyone.



I tried the ionic foot bath and it worked for me wonderfully. Unfortunately, my therapist had to let it go back because he could not afford to keep it going. Darn.




I know! To have gained all this weight barely eating . . . well, we just should have had those hot fudge sundaes, banana splits, etc. to have put all this weight on, not salads and veggies and fruit. But just imagine how much we would have gained if we had not been watching what we eat!