Gatorade and DI

I had DI for 7 years and I presently don’t take any medication. Is there a reason to not drink Gatorade when you have DI? I feel better after I drink it. I’m really dehydrated and water doesn’t stay with me for very long.

How come you do not have DI anymore? Was there some treatment you had? If you don’t mind I would like to know. I don’t enjoy having to pee all of the time, it makes me miss out on family events. Thanks.

My post should have said, I have had Di for the past 7 years, sorry. I still have it but can’t afford DDAVP, I just put up with the symptoms. It has been really bad since Christmas and i know that I need the medication.

yikes, I can’t imagine not being on the meds… hope you find a way to get back on it. I would imagine gatorade is okay, but do you have an endocrinologist to ask? if not, I will ask mine. let me know.

I haven’t seen a endocrinologist since 2003. We are having a doctor crisis here. There is a long waiting period to see anyone especially specialists. We don’t have health insurance and DDAVP is very expensive.

I found out at Emergency Friday night that we are eligible for medication financial aid through the
Government. So I will be able to get my DDAVP!!

The doctor I saw gave me enough for a week. I don’t know how long I have to wait for the Government aid, I hope it’s not long. I hope I don’t have to go without it again.

Did you get the pills or the spray?

If you got the pills, you might find as some do, that they last different amounts of time on different days (not to mention acting for different lengths of time for different people).

If it’s the pills, try taking a smaller amount that you’ve been prescribed. Sometimes 2 x half pills can last longer than one whole pill


I have the spray.

I only take 1 spray at night in each nostril. I am going to have to take it again in the morning as I am thirsty and peeing a lot during the day. The bottle has 25 sprays in it.

When I took it in 2003 it was 2 sprays in each nostril in the morning and then again at night and it controlled the DI really well.

Are your pills .1mg or .2mg?