Gettin BN tattooed next week..hopeally. Please share your advice/results if you were tat'd!

Hi there I have been browsing this site for quite a while. I see others have gotten their beckers nevus tattooed, but no followups! I have an appointment to get my beckers nevus tattooed next week, though I am getting worried. Both doctor and dermaologist knew very little about beckers nevus, and just suggested against tattooing it being it could cover potential moles. Though I plan on just getting a simple outline(perfect shape for a koi).

I am concerned about tattoo setting off skin cancer or something…the bottom half of the BN is slightly rasied, like goosebumps. Tattoo artist said it should take the ink fine, though admitted that there is much uncertannity on the aftermath.

So if anyone has ANY suggestions or tips for tattooing a beckers nevus, PLS let me know! I would love to see before and after pics! Thanks!!!

The pain during the tattoo session is normal. In fact pain was the last thing that I was worried about. My BN is on my left shoulder, about palm size. The skin is not more sensitive than the right shoulder. It was a little more rough and rather harder to penetrate the tattoo machine needles but in the end everything came OK. I was worried as you and asked my dermatologist about cancer and the healing process. He told me that anything on the BN is not recommended, but he believes that I will not experience any kind of problem. You can do a test spot first, tattoo just a small part of your BN and see how it goes and how the Ink reacts with the BN.

P.S. Pics of my tattoo are useless, it is just a normal tattoo, you can’t see the BN underneath.Just pic something you like and adjust it to your BN borders to look fine.

Good luck and take care,

Thanks for the reply. Nice, good to hear it came out okay; no unbareable pain? BN is rather sensitive compared to my normal skin. How big and where is your beckers nevus? Do you happen to have any pictures? Sorry for the number of questions, just there it little information out there regarding tattooing a beckers nevus; scientific that is. I am nervous that the skin wont heal right and perhaps lead to skin cancer. I appreciate the reply.

I did it and after 5 years I feel great. Hope that helps.

I am in the process of getting my tatt over my nevus and have been told similar things. There are always positves and negatives to everything and I believe they could be saying it to warn us of what may occur. Reading everyones posts I am yet to hear of anyones turning cancerous. I love the fact that some people in dicsussion groups have told us to 'Get over it' and 'Live with it'. Thats great coming from people who dont have to live with it day in and day out. I have heard nothing but negativity about the laser treatment for it as well.


I've posted about this in other threads. Tattoos are translucent. Birthmarks can be seen through them, unless the shade of grey is very, very dark (similar to water-color painting.) Mine looked great for the first 6 months, while the ink was still in the top layers of skin. Now it just looks like a tattoo over a birthmark, and frankly, I find it even more embarrassing.