Getting off meds

Hi, has anyone here ever gotten off their meds & found they were doing okay? Just wondering because I’ve been on just about all of them periodically…gone through panic attacks being on antidepressants…gone through the body aches getting off. I was on Lithium for a short time, went off for over 2 years & was doing fine until I encountered a stressful situation & was “placed” in the hospital by my husband. He has since filed for a divorce & I am living with a friend because I have a no contact order to go to the marital home. I’m on Neurontin & Cymbalta now. Feel okay, but also as though I’m just “hanging on” until the divorce is over. Anyone out there know about weaning off these meds?

I know you should get your doctor’s advice in weaning off the meds. I did it alone once and got pretty sick. If you tell your doctor that you ARE going to quit the meds, he/she will tell you how to do it safely. Of perhaps convince you not to who knows?