Getting sick

Has anyone been getting sick using the cpap maching? It feels like I might be getting a cold from using this because of the constant flow of air?

Does your machine have a humidifier on it? Mine does. I have been using my machine now for about a month. I was staying stuffy, so I contacted my doctor and they reduced the pressure by two points and I have the humidifier set on 2.5 and things are working well now. I am feeling the best I’ve felt in six years.

When I first started using it I was getting what felt like a cold but never got really bad, it was just enough to keep me stuffed up. I tuffed it out and I think its better now. I guess I just needed to get use to it.

Thank you for responding to me


It dried out my sinuses really bad and I got a lot of sinus infections while using it. I just decided to quit trying! The machine even had a humidifier on it.