GF bakery/cafe start-up, need feedback

I am a pastry chef/baker. My diagnosis ended my career. My young daughter has also been diagnosed. I am attempting to open a 100% GF bakery/cafe in Portsmouth,NH. I am looking for advice, opinions, feedback…

You seem to have the right idea. I have spent the last six months trying to get people interested in the problems caeliacs face. I did have a breakthrough this week. A local pub- one in a large chain- have listened to my suggestions and are now acting. They are going to try and start a glusten free section in their menu.
I will try and see if I can find out how you can get Grants - I know someone who has done this. Will write again if I find anything.

Monkey, You got it… an end to one thing and a new begining all at once. I checked your name before replying, what was that about western medicine deeming you crazy? I felt the same way during the several years I spent so sick before I was diagnosed with celiac. Anyway, I am tying so hard to get up and running. I plan to have a website and hope to be able to fill orders. I feel like this has to be done now. This is a ground floor opportunity! I know I can do it. One day soon I will have a questionaire developed for celaic patients. Would you be willing to participate?